Sup Body ? what are you saying?

“Physical signs and symptoms are ways your body tries to alert you to deeper imbalances.”

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I’m not a member of the Kale Club

I always feel like I’m chewing on a Nappy when I eat it .. so rough .. so rigid … and so needy .. you basically need to massage it better than a 90 minute Swedish Remedial to make it somewhat supple… and agreeable .. which actually does sound a lot like myself , so despite being the human equivalent of KALE , I simply don’t get the hype .

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I do appreciate it being the Gateway Vegetable (insert WEED joke here) for healthy living . but the same way a stoner can get locked into the monotony of lighting up daily “just cos” I think the other vegetables have been overlooked (this is not an incentive to try various drugs, this is just poor writing on my behalf… please stick to BUTTON mushrooms)



Jennifer Di Noia of William Paterson University, looked at 17 important nutrients naturally occuring in food (fiber, protein, potassium, Vitamin A, B12, D) and calculated how much of those nutrients were found in a 100-calorie serving. The results are interesting. Watercress ranks as the most nutrient-rich vegetable, while other leafy greens like chard, chicory and lettuce rank well. Turnips, sweet potatoes and grapefruits performed worse.


Powerhouse-Fruits-and-Veggies (1)

SO the winner was WATERCRESS! who’d have thought .. being the cliche I am .. I naturally went out a purchased some .. and ate it stems and all .and then i found  A WHOLE FREAKIN’ SITE DEDICATED TO WATERCRESS!!!

NOTE : if you want to be super annoying you could pick the top ten and make a dish .. how Health-Food-Blogger Of you ..



Katey Denno Celebrity Make Up Artist & Kind Beauty Guru


Katey Denno …

Not only does she look like she’s been painted by the hand of Botticelli , she’s a superbly gifted Make Up artist to the stars, As well as being a  passionate “Green Beauty” advocator .I asked her some questions to clarify non -toxic beauty and just generally pick her brain..

 Denno’s a real game changer , she’s one of the forefront pioneers making eco beauty go from green to glam .

In between getting beauties like Isla Fisher , Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried (yes pick your jaw off the floor , she’s that good!) red carpet ready , she personally tests and reviews new products, puts up beautifully filmed tutorials , does workshops and… (take a breath this woman does everything) gives good nutrition advice , hello green smoothies -on her self run site The Beauty Of It Is

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 09.51.34

I was surprised to  learn her path to make up aptly reads like a film script and exposed that her Kind Beauty approach is a mere aspect of her all round kind approach to life .

So you know by her credentials she’s got great advice


How did you get involved in Make Up?  

i was a social worker for the first 10 years of my career life and i worked in the realm of HIV/AIDS. I had a lot of clients who were transgendered, mostly male to female. The way they were able to transform themselves through the use of makeup was so amazing to me! it led me to start researching how i could be involved in that world – the world of makeup! i read up on every artist and photographer whose work i admired from all the major magazines, and found photographers to do test shoots with to begin building my book. It was a slow but sure process, and i made sure to remain open to learning everything and anything.

You favour natural products .. why and what are your favourites ? 

As a person who’s concerned with what i put into my body with regard to food and drink, i find it just as important to be conscious with what i put on my body- and the bodies of my clients. There are so many good non-toxic lines on the market, with new ones popping up all the time. One of my favorite online stores is – she has the most well edited selection of non toxic products on the market!

Ilia, RMS, Kjaer Weis, Lina Hanson, and then there are products sold elsewhere – burt’s bees, roots rose radish, BITE beauty…

Are there any beauty Chemicals you try and avoid? 

Albumin                                                                         Phtalates

Bentonite                                                                        Propylene Glycol

BHA/BHT                                                      PVP/VA Copolymer

DEA, MEA, TEA                                                      Quaternium-15

Diazolidinyl Urea                                                      Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate

DMDM Hydantoin                                                       Stearalkonium Chloride

FD&C Color Pigments                                     Triclosan

Glycerin/MSDS                                                      Talc

Imidazolidinyl Urea                                    FOR KIDS

Isopropyl Alcohol                                                      2-Bromo-2Nitropropane-1,3 Dio

Mineral Oil                                                      BHA

PEG                                                                         Boric acid and Sodium Borate

Petroleum/Petrolatum                                     Dibutylphtalate and Toluene

best  advice you’ve ever been given ? 

Not everybody has to like you.  This is a tough one for me!

What are the new big trends in beauty/looks for 2013?

I never really follow trends… i’m more into timeless, classic beauty.

Beauty from the inside out seems quite important to you .. whats the best foods/supplements/ lifestyle choices for looking great?

Yes it is! The main issues that folks come to me with that make them feel less than great are skin breakouts, and skin dryness/lack of glow associated with aging.

Eating/drinking lots of fresh leafy greens, richly colored berries, and keeping greasy/heavy foods out of your diet is a great place to start. I’m also a proponent of including apple cider vinegar into your diet (1-2 tsp a day in water) plus 1-2 tsp of coconut oil mixed into your food – whether that’s in a smoothie, or your oatmeal, or cooking with it – will keep your liver clean, and your skin glowing, as well as help stave off any sickness. (i haven’t had a cold or the flu in YEARS!). I also believe in keeping a strong yoga practice to work out tension and find focus – it will show on your face, without a doubt.

I find that a hair/skin/nails supplement is generally beneficial to most, and choosing one made from whole foods is a good idea. The vitamin B and D groups are wonderful for keeping our emotional selves and cells in good health.

following on from that .. if I were to open your fridge .. what would you be most proud of or most embarrassed by ? 

well, my boyfriend is a chef in a raw, vegan restaurant, so he’s in charge of the fridge – and there are countless containers of his great concoctions in there. I’d be most proud that at least 85 percent of food i keep in the house is organic and or locally grown/produced. We try to be mindful not to be wasteful and we only shop for what we know we’ll be eating within the few days that follow, so there’s never that much in there. Most embarrassed – I have an obsession with frozen sweet peas (organic, of course). i love them, so i keep tons of them on hand. when people open the freezer they’re always confused and surprised to find 15-20 bags of frozen peas on hand!

 Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.38.18

When it comes to getting ready for the red carpet what are your go-to fail safe products or techniques ?

i always start with getting the skin into glowing condition by giving a face oil massage before doing anything else.

Getting a good curl going on the lashes is very important to me, and I generally use a few false lashes to take a pretty lash to a gorgeous lash.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 09.51.51

Can you recall any teenage make up disasters? ( I personally favoured a terracotta orange bronzer overload .. and an inability to blend down the neck hah!) 

i have to say, i think i did a better job with my makeup when i was a teen! i was certainly more consistently put together – i wore perfectly executed black cat eyeliner every single day.

Sweet Baby

Three Unexpected sugar alternatives , that are unprocessed and deliciously good for you .. i love stevia , but i know the processed liquids and powders are definitely not great for the body , and the dried leaves are impossible to find AM.I.RITE??

honey is boring . agave gives me the fear .. and aspartame .. dont even .. so i tried these random ones you may not know about . all better than sugar .. all delicious

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 18.07.52

the bestest: Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup comes from the yacón plant and was used heavily by the INCAS it has plentiful nutritional properties and few calories alongside low sugar levels. yacón roots have been eaten by people with diabetes and digestive, renal problems .

its low in calories because the yacon contains up to 50% FOS (fructooligosacharides) consuming it  doesnt increase blood glucose (hence its diabetic friendliness) like every other sugar , fructose or glucose …and is instead a form of dietary fibre and sugar polymer both not absorbed by our bodies but instead  regulates good intestinal flora and boosts the immune system by feeding the probiotic bacteria( GOOD STUFF- NOT JUST IN YOGURT) .

It is usually made similarily to maple syrup using an evaporator and tastes similar to molasses , or caramelised sugar

GROSS WIKI FACT: In a study by Genta et al. it was shown that a daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index when given to obese pre-menopausal women

mmm buttery : Lucuma Powder

Comes in a powder form and is derived from the lacuma fruit .

With benefits of being low in acidity ,low in sugar and contains an excellent source of  fiber,  B3, and minerals.beta-carotene, niacin, and iron

the taste is slightly butterscothy .. toffee-ness  good for mixing into tea or coffee or smoothies

SHWEETNESS : Dates Syrup 

mmm yes the finger licking caramel goodness … yes the fruit! it qualifies as a whole food.with only one ingredient in the syrup .. soaked /steeped/evaporated dates.. depending on if you make or buy it . similar texture and taste to molasses or dark agave.

is the least tooth achy sweet of all the syrups like maple and agave etc

contains potassium (more than boo-na-na’s!) , magnesium, calcium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, folate, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B-6.

Handbag diary .. what baggage do i carry .. literally

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 15.29.34

i was going packing my bag this morning , which is literally like packing for a weekend trip and thought i would document some tings.. so here we go !

1. stevia liquid – my baby , to sweeten tea/ everything i have  not only a sweet tooth but a sweet body (no not in a sexy way) so i dont reach for sugar or the devil aka aspartame based sweetners

2. a hippy dippy crystal selection (forgive me but theyre my lucky charms)

3. MISO SOUP packets by KING SOBA  .. in case i get hungry and cant leave somewhere or cant find anything healthy

4.Coco Island paw paw ointment with bioactive manuka honey – my go to for cuts, lips , burns or just moisture – natural 8 hour cream

5.Trilogy Vital moisturising cream – rosehip, marula oils and loads of natural non greasy goodness

6.B12 supplements .. i take them in the afternoon with lunch for some energy

7. Clean Perfume – smells of a COTTON T-SHIRT literally .. makes you feel clean (no Sh*t)

8.Absolute Aromas Essential Oil in DAYBREAK – lemon , bitter orange , tangerine and jasmin .. it freshens any room and i smell it when i feel a little cloudy

*the blue thing is a KAWAII ipad case , which makes absolutely no sense in english and has a character called Pony Brown on it .. who knows .. i love her


Forgo Cheese For Nutritional Yeast .. wait trust me

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 13.23.06

Nutritional yeast is one of those things you may have seen at health food stores .. and been like no . yeast grows bread .. and the word ‘yeast’ evokes a bit of a nose twitch .. but nutritional yeast is a whole different beast .

its utilised by vegans and vegetarians for its HIGH B12 vitamin content (which is a vitamin necessity)  .. but mainly because it tastes of nutty cheese .. therefore is delicious . it comes in a flake like powder form and i use it in salad dressings or basically sprinkled on anything and everything .

-high in protein

-yes its gluten free

-high in fiber

– low cal

-nucleotides – anti ageing

-folic acid

– did i mention it tastes like cheese ?

just to clear up your sicky faces .. it isnt active yeast .. so it assimilates in the body easily aids digestion and perks up many a dish , also it is candida friendly so don’t worry your pretty little head

if you’re still unsure here is some yeasty reading


Marigold Engevita Yeast Flakes 125 

and a sad cheese baby



The easiest and tastiest and lowest calorie soup ever.

so simple you have to try it .


Miso Paste (or packets)- I like the brown rice ones – they’re not as salty or White miso is sweetly delicious

Kale Chips: In lieu of seaweed or tofu , it rehydrates in the miso and is the new IT SUPERFOOD

so no guilt and nice a cosy warm for cold days!!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 15.45.34


THESE are A few of MY favourite THINGS .. la la la la la

paw paw ointment

ImageNatures own 8 hour cream . literally can be used on anything , from sunburns to splinters and eczema and generally as lip balm .. Aussies have lived by this for years .. everyone has it in there handbag , sports bag and first aid kit . its the best , and fun and gooey and doesnt have a strong scent . Its PERFECTION , and 1 single ingredient , fermented paw paws (papaya fruits ) 

Vitamin B12: 


a lot of people assume that B12 comes from animal products (meat,fish , eggs etc) and it does technically , but this is actually a second hand remainder of b12 that the animal naturally derives from the soil (the same place we use to get it !) however obviously we cant anymore because we need to wash fruit and veg because of pesticides and chemicals . There are a lot of people advocating that EVERYONE should take B12 vitamins and campaigning governments to provide it as a health care service . Vegans and Vegetarians need the supplement and the meat eaters although getting some from poultry and dairy its never in its most organic form . B12 is the vitamin responsible for making DNA (just a little important ) keeps the nerves and cells healthy and helps your body use its energy to full capacity . 




i discovered this one exhausted day at a health food store when i clung to the pharmacist and begged him to help me because i was simply mind numbingly tired and stressed . its an Adaptogen (Adaptogens are herbs that appear to increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress and changing situations) and id tried Ginseng and caffeine and green tea (EVERYTHING) but i really honest to the PawPaw Gods felt so much better after taking this in the morning before breakfast . it gives you some energy as well . 




Silicia supplements are used for the health of  hair , skin and nails. 

i spent a lifetime with split ends, which i secretly loved playing with , but my hair would cease to grow longer than a certain point and would become dry and sad . Silica works with the collagen formation which is directly responsible for the building blocks of  hair , nails and the skin 

Vitamin D3 



Vitamin D is one of the most deficient vitamins in the world! it comes from the sun , but we don’t spend enough time in the sun … or if you’re in london like me you literally get all of 5 seconds of sunlight all year-great for vampires

so vit D makes the body absorb calcium and phosphate thus resulting in healthy bones , so drink some sunlight . or become cripply rickety vampires .