Sup Body ? what are you saying?

“Physical signs and symptoms are ways your body tries to alert you to deeper imbalances.”

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The MindValley Gives Us One Of The Most Important Info-graphics Ever & A Video Exercise That May Change Your Life


 THAT ALTHOUGH SCHOOL BEING GREAT….. REALLY LACKS IN SOME LIFE LESSONS, like no one told me how integral stress management , and happiness can be in terms of sticking with  a career path . or that in life both professional and personal you’re dealing with other peoples emotions . and EGO’s  .. AND I WONDERED WHY THERE WASNT A SCHOOL OF LIFE or a course or even anyone else who had thought about this major limitation in the education system  , and alas as The Rule Of Attraction  will have it I stumbled upon MindValley …

they use cartoons which makes life so easy (i probably should have listened more at school and maybe cartoons wouldn’t appeal so much )

Vishen Lakhiani  


and his company MindValley 


 after compiling over 20,000 peoples opinion on what was lacking in education managed to break it down to 5 fundamentals that people wish / deem essential life learnings BELOW

VISHEN , also posted an amazing exercise in the form of a youtube clip to unblock our inner guide , in a pragmatic way and help people realise their career path by 3 simple questions . simply beautiful . what a duuuuuude . LINK BELOW

Its All In The Face : Chinese Medicine

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oh hey , i haven’t written here for ages.. because i’ve been studying and playing DOWN UNDA MAYYYTEEEE!


Recently in my pursuit of knowledge and learning of “alternative medicines” or eastern medicine I began looking into Chinese Medicine having recently engulfed myself in Ayurvedic Medicine i felt it time to show my asian friends some love.

I’ve been getting regular acupuncture which is all great and good and you can research the millions of health journals which proves its effectiveness blah blah blah

but this isnt about that …

What intrigued me most in seeing chinese medicine practionors was their inate ability to tell me what physical or emotional problems I had within moments of meeting me ..


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I then asked one practitioner if i could borrow some of her Chinese Medicine Textbooks (because im anal like that)  .. i needed to know the secret mind reading ninja tricks.. what it lead me to was FACE MAPPING .. i’ve posted an image of this months ago , but i never really realised what it all meant .

basically Chinese Tradition states that what happens in the body shows up on the face !


and pinpointing areas or pigmentation,acne and congestion on the face alludes to internal problems which has been backed up by Western Medicine .

for example PMS acne tends to show up on the chin – Chinese medicine also have this as a genealogical point / spleen point which controls the hormones

I personally noticed my smile lines diminishing recently (im 22 but they were definitely there) i thought it was just because i had gotten some sun but apparently this is the LUNG section .. which makes sense as i quit smoking and also I’ve noticed almost all smokers have that hideous puppet mouth the longer they smoke!

not only does it paint a picture of your physical health but also your mental health .. the chinese believe we store different emotions in different areas of the body The Liver stores Anger and Resentment and thus will show up on the corresponding areas of the face . so take a look at your mug and figure out whats possibly going on inside!

so you really can read someones face . its worth looking into and lets all draw on our faces because it is fun

to juice not to juice .. Refinery29 you ask all the right questions


REFINERY29 is basically my online mindreader … every time a thought pops in my head .. about a week later im emailed the answer in the form of a Refinery Article … but HERE is a great one on whether Juice Fasting Is necessary or good . personally i love Green Juices

As an occasional detox, though, can’t a juice cleanse give your body a break? Actually, that’s not necessary, says Salge Blake. “Your body is so smart,” she says, “and thank goodness — because we oftentimes do silly things and don’t eat correctly. And that’s why we’re so grateful that our body is so smart and is able to adapt.” According to Salge Blake, the body’s organs and systems clean themselves— without the help of a juice cleanse. Giancoli agrees, saying, “There’s no need to do something like a detox. Our body does that on its own.”

More importantly, says Salge Blake, going on a juice cleanse isn’t a risk-free endeavor. She points to dangers in fully absorbing these programs and the nutrients they provide, as some don’t include enough protein to sustain a woman throughout the day. “You need a certain amount of dietary protein coming in to maintain your lean muscle mass,” she says. “If you don’t eat this protein, your body starts breaking down the protein you already have, to use it for things it really needs like red blood cells and the nervous system.” In addition, she says, this process could be potentially fouling up your metabolism — exactly the opposite of what many detox-ers are looking to accomplish.

Still, while juice cleanses have yet to receive unanimous support among nutritionists, doctors, and dietitians, the fever for detoxing shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re interested in committing to a three- or five-day plan, make sure you talk to your doctor about its nutrients and whether you need to supplement with a little caloric, protein, or fiber intake to make sure you get complete nutrition. Yes, it’s one extra step for those who want to do a cleanse — but what good is downing 20 pounds of veggies if it’s not helping your health?

3 Different Health Approaches To Anxiety

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Everyone is stressed. and everyone feels the effects of stress.. I recently Read this article in Natural Health magazine about dealing with anxiety –  it presents 3 different approaches you can  mix and match .. ohh pick and mix .. remember cinema Pick N Mix where you ate more on the picking and mixing then actually made it into the bag .


Stress is one of the greatest causes of illness , its no joke we can Think-Ourselves-Sick , so sometimes one approach isn’t enough because everyones mind and body react differently .

here they are..

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what the FUDGE is kombucha?

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Kombucha is a fermented tea .. sometimes called Mushroom tea.. dont screw up your face like that . yes it is moldy tea technically..but im a sucker for a health fad so i tried it for you .. I actually first popped my kombucha cherry Aus with my brother who kept claiming “its like a healthy beer” I dont know why he was selling it to me like this.. as a healthy beer to me is like … no beer . anyway my whole family (hippy freaks) were drinking it at dinner and had been for over 6months (thanks for telling me )

And I must admit my first sip was of a plain unflavoured Kombucha and it tasted like if you sucked in the burp of someone who’d just drunk really cheap beer. OVER IT .

But i recently came back to it .. and realised like getting your first wax.. you vow never to do it again and google “feminism and body hair” only to head back monthly regardless of the initial bad experience .

 Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 17.45.12

so here are the facts

its tastes , sour , bubbly (more of a feel?!) , beer-ish , refreshing

it is addictive

its said to detox the body

loaded with enzymes and bacterial acids

its high levels of glucaric acid helps prevent cancer

Glucosamines preventive and treatment all forms of arthritis

 its highly “alive” fermentation enzymes facilitate fighting candida which helps in overall energy ,  mental clarity and mood stability

anti-oxidant rich (supertea?)

loads of commercial brands have jumped on the kombucha madness .. however Gavins Rose is my favourite .. its a bit wine-ish and his daughter drew the label. hashtag awesome . because everything’s little girls draw are pink and involve fairies .. even moldy tea