sunshine in a cup. courtesy of Well&good


because when the sun doesnt come out .. SUNSHINE IN THE BELLEH !



ohh Dr Dean Ornish ! short and sweet

another great video at the TED TALKS about how your lifestyle effects your genetic make up .. and BRAIN .. brain information from a man with a great brain .. and less than 4 mins .. easy !

if you cant be bothered watching (how lazy are you?)

this is an important slide from the talk :

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 23.22.14


Slick Stuff : Fish Oil VS Udo’s Oil

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.51.17


we’ve all heard of them .. or fish oil supplements *gag*

i had a feeling i wasnt getting enough of them due to an anti fish diet and not too nutty about nuts (plus you have to eat a butt load of walnuts to get adequate amounts )

So why do we need them .. and why they needn’t (thank jebus)  come from fish

1. the body cant produce them itself .. poor body

2.the brain is made largely of fatty acids- therefore its literally feeding your brain grapes 

3.needed component in cell membranes 

4. overall immune health 

5.prevent allergies

6. needed by the adrenal glands tissues (weight control and energy) and recently have been found to block genes that produce fat in the body 

7.beautiful hair , nails, skin – its the first sign youre deficient , when everything starts to go a bit .. scaly (woo puns are fun) and has proven to clear eczema and psoriasis 

so it does pretty much everything ..

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.46.10

i came across an article HERE that has some home truths about the fishy stuff .. and why its not so good as seed based oils.. yay

ive recently started taking Udo’s Oil Blend .. and i have to admit .. that cloudy feeling aint so cloudy

derived from primrose oil, wheat germ and flax it tastes of nothing

and you dont do those fishy burps hooorah

Easter Chocolate…. A little less guilty

 choc-co-late mmmmmmmm


So easter is coming and everyones like CHOCOLATE!!!! *devil eyes included*

and then you arrive back after the long weekend .. and think jesus (how fitting) i ate more chocolate than the weight of all the children in the easter egg hunt combined .

lucking The Rawtarian (great site) gives us a Raw Chocolate ( dont run its good) that is so easy to make . And you can feel a little less guilty for making it it has the simplest ingredients list on earth :


coconut oil : great for skin, and tummy bloating (thank F*&CK) and lowers cholesterol

Raw Cacao: antioxidant rich , increases serotonin (happy head)

Agave: low GI sugar substitute , no sugar rush so you wont be asleep underneath a pile of easter egg foil wondering why you cant stand up when all you’ve done is hide eggs in obvious places all day ( why dont we make easter egg hunts more difficult for children?.. its good for them to learn that something under a table including themselves does not mean invisible)

2013 Food Trends..including HELLO FRESH…POPCORN …and other nutty things

i went to the VITALITY show in earls court .. an exhibit on everything health and beauty .. and its a great new platform for up and coming brands .. so i decided to do a blog post about whats the new hot things in healthy food trends ..



everyones gone mental for it .. gourmet popcorn .. bye bye crisps Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 15.14.48



this korean pickled cabbage sour beauty has become a phenomenon in New York .. and everyones always a bit behind new york .. so get spicy .. also the benefits of fermented foods are just coming to light , hence its new found popularity



the superfood that is BAOBAB (powders)

“contains six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and plenty of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and antioxidants.”

forbes , huffington post, every health blog is talking about it .. and it is delicious

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.03.01


Raw bars

they’re here to stay .. and grow .. everyones jumping on board alkalising raw food diets .. and they F**(@cking delicious with spirulina raw cacao , nuts , fruits and super-foods whats not to love , especially considering they’re more available and easy to carry in your bag

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.05.09


Milk alternatives

koko milk, almond milk, oat milk , rice milk … no longer do us non-dairy’s have to sip on boring soy .. with so many benefits , in fear of referencing craig david (where is he?!?) whats your flavour?

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.02.39


Food delivery

none as smart as HELLO FRESH .


you pick meals from the menu .. it gathers the ingredients and sends them to you (along with the how-to’s)  .. so its home cooking without the ball ache of going shopping or not being able to find ingredients .. so smart .. so smart i wish i’d come up with it !

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.25.36

honestly there is so many more .. but i have to go watch a documentary about a female killer with a friend.. what a saturday night .. if only i had enough money to buy stocks in all these products.. *sigh*

random thing of the day :TEA TIME


this is for the londoners .. because we love tea .. there is a woman driving around in a 1974 Citroen H van bringing us tea its called Good & Proper Tea and its a good and proper idea . serving crumpets and different loose leaf tea blends . its too cute to be true . there website isn’t up yet .. i think its because its only just begun ….so long burger vans ! 


get your ZZZZZ

ive just learnt that our Sleep cycles (1.5 hours) dictate how good we feel when we wake .. and it actually has little to do with your 8 hours a night .. which explains why some people need 12 hours others 4(yes these freak exist) and also explains why you can sleep for 9 hours but waking up at the wrong time can make getting out of bed impossible .



OIl For Oily SKIN !?!?!?!

i have always had oily skin (thank you eastern european mother ) and i’ve always run a mile from any greasy oily products .. however my skin was really oily (so hot) and i decided to look into oils (because im a masochist??) no because i overheard that JOJOBA oil not just fun to say but also mimics skins own natural Sebum qualities and stops your body from over producing greasy acne making oil . its seems unfathomable that you should do the opposite of drying up oil – but this in fact makes your body produce MORE OIL !! (how many times can i say oil?) and because you have dried your skin so much it blocks the pores and alas you are left with ACNE bluerghh

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 13.13.05

So i have been making my own jojoba cleanser with Jojoba Oil base , Rose oil , ylang ylang and Argan oil .. and my skin has never been better


Heres a Great source for all things jo-jo-ba (monkey voice) :

Lena Dunham Is To Pomegranate

The Lena Dunham of the fruit world :

a little bit round

super bright

assists with depression

A little bit messy

you want to touch them both with your fingers

and full of gems (in Lena case wisdom) in pomegranates case little jewels filled with powerful antioxidants

Antioxidants which prolong Fibroblasts – the things that make collegen ( HALLO!!!) and elastins .. they make you skin look great basically . Yes they require Mensa-level brain power to open , and i sometimes end up showering the kitchen with little red pellets but they’re worth adding to your juice or just chowing down on, like Hannah Horvath in the bath with her mums birthday cake ..

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 13.09.50

sugar pie honey bunch

When I was younger i spent a great deal of time going through bathroom cabinets and the kitchen pantry to find “ingredients” for my (i was copying my mum) skincare . this sometimes led to many award occasions when there would be a lack of olive oil for the evening meal , or stale aromas wafting from my room as Barbies FRUITLOOP bangles rotted …or most horrifically when i used a sanitary pad to make a wedding vail for Barbie(she was a bad influence clearly) and my mum couldn’t breathe it was so funny . anyway i wanted to feel like a kid again and was desperate for a good ol scrub . this recipe is so easy and fun .


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 07.21.21

2 cups of Oatbran

1&1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or any other oil)

1/2 cup of Manuka Honey

Pinch Of Salt

1 cup Brown Sugar

Bottle Fresh


I’m often called upon by my ailing pals to prescribe treatments or as my recent friend said “give me your potions ” because i have whats described best by Mr Unhealth (AKA the boyfriend) as an “unhealthy obsession with health”.

so let it begin with juice:

Buzzword , fashionably L.A style craze .

i love it . I’ve recently purchased a Masticating juicer -sounds slightly erotic i know .

but whilst awaiting arrival of said juicing holy grail , i had to make do with trekking around London town on a hunt for the healthiest juices … to no avail

and then like a weary sailer , in the eerie black seas a beam of lighthouse-esque health store beckoned .

PLANET ORGANIC’s range off freshly pressed juices ..

words like wakey shaky , ABC juice (apple beetroot and carrot ) and the mouth watering salvation of SWEET GREENS , elicited an almost audible moan , and a very much visible drool .

at £2.99 for a small bottle , they’re definitely not cheap but they most certainly are delicious and quick , side note they discount them by 50p after lunch .. however they do start to taste slightly sour and as i learnt when i stowed them like a squirrel for winter in my fridge , they definitely don’t keep – a con of no preservatives alas .