Sweetness Of The Day .. I Heart Gut Toys … Yep



I think I have found my ultimate gift website .. for serious .. you know i love a little gut health !


and it is so important .. And the Company I HEART GUTS thought it was SOOO freakin important that the self proclaimed “anatomically obsessed illustrator” and founder Wendy Bryan decided to turn her obsession into fun toys !

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 07.39.47

other than being fun and sometimes citing some great reference to articles based on the different organs , there are some beautiful testimonials from people who have bought the products.. One about a mother who bought the stomach for her child that had to surgically have their stomach removed … heartbroken people who received a “new heart” which is so cute .



its a great way to teach children about certain parts of the anatomy as well .. aghh i love it much 😀


Lets Get Mystical .. Q&A With Ruby Warrington Creator Of The Numinous

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 15.37.15
Meet Ruby Warrington , babe Journalist who’s pieces have been published in The Sunday Times , InStyle, and Stylist magazines to name a few .She’s travelled the globe interviewing the likes of Miley Cyrus (pre-twerk!) and Alexa Chung .. but this is a lady of difference and alongside her day job has become the  Creator .. or Mother ?!?! lets say Mother of the beautiful and niche website
A site unlike any other …for all things new age, meditative, spiritual and other worldy .. however all the while being modern .. its basically a cool girls spiritual den.
The articles vary from the latest fashions all the way to Crystal healing . Ruby ‘s  managed to traverse the gap of the mystical and modern beautifully .. And will become a port of call for all conscious Gen Y’s
We Picked Her Big Zen Brain ..

1.How was the Numinous Born?

I first heard the word ‘Numinous’ – meaning ‘that which is unknown or unknowable’ – in conversation with my friend Shelley Von Strunckel, who is a very eminent astrologer and all ’round mystical oracle. I immediately fell in love with the concept of ‘the numinous’ – aren’t our interactions with the big un-namable sometimes our most profound experiences? – and thought it would be a brilliant name for a chic and fashionable magazine about the esoteric.Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 15.47.15

2.You have some amazing contributors to the site , have you naturally sought out people with a similar outlook

on life , or have they been drawn to you ? basically where do you find these awesome people ?

I’m used to reaching out to people for interviews and commissioning writers – I have 15 years experience as a magazine editor behind me, so it sort of comes naturally! But I have been surprised and really delighted by the number of people who’ve also approached me about contributing to the site since I launched. It feels like people have been waiting for this platform to appear.

3.why do you think people have such a hard time seeing harmony with the “mystical” world and the hustle and bustle of “real” life ?

Because I think there is this very outdated idea that to be a spiritual being – i.e. connected to the mystical or divine – you need to sever you ties to the material world. But since the 1960s – the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – ideas about how we ‘should’ behave and what’s right for each individual have become much less rigid. We are all essentially spirit in human form, and we all experience the numinous –Asos.com addiction, high powered career in finance or not!

4.Can you give all the sceptics a few examples of tangible events or anecdotes where you’ve really seen how being more mindful can positively effect your life?

I wrote about a recent experience I had though my kundalini yoga practise here – it really blew my mind!
Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 15.40.53

5.How does one stay spiritual , but still want to gain wealth and success .. i think people assume one detrimentally effects the other ?

(I feel like I answered this one above! But…) The older I get and the more I connect with the numinous, my definition of ‘success’ is changing. It used to mean being able to buy my first Marc Jacobs bag (a truly AWESOME moment), but these days success is more about the manifestation of my heart’s desires, and seeing the tangible results of my positive action in the world. Of course I still want Marc Jacobs bags, Marc Jacobs bags are beautiful, but by no means does this detract from my understanding of myself as a spiritual being.

6.Reading material ..what are some books thats have really helped you on your path?

I recently read Marianne Williamson’s ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’ – which gets into the subject above in a really accessibly way.

7.what part does nutrition play in your life?

Wow – what part doesn’t it play? I am a firm believer in ‘we are what we eat’ and definitely try to choose food that feeds my spirit as much as my body (seeing as the two are really one and the same). Which also means not getting too fanatical about anything food wise, which I think is easy to do when nutrition has become such a loaded and political subject.

8.this is a health blog, any go-to foods or supplements or even regimes that you swear by ? we want to know your secrets!!

I stopped eating meat about three years ago, around the same time I gave up coffee and sugar – and all three things have had a profound effect on my overall wellbeing. Ditching meat has dramatically improved my digestion, and without coffee I am more focussed, sleep better and have more sustained energy. As for sugar – it was like coming off drugs in terms of feeling less anxious and just more happy in general. Kind of amazing! I think I’ve actually got quite a sensitive system and I’m pretty tapped in to how different foods make me feel. On that tip, I also love the way my morning hot water and lemon is so very refreshing.
Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 16.14.38

9.What is the first article you would advise someone to read .. if you could only choose the one! (i know its cruel) from The Numinous ?

 This is really hard! But I wrote a story on a workshop called ‘Becoming Your Own Psychic’ recently, which was sort of like a workout for your third eye. Developing my own intuition has been a big theme for me this year, and I think if we all paid more attention to what the ‘unseen’ – or numinous – is telling us, we’d all have an easier, more magical time. So I guess start here.

10.People cant seem to wrap their heads around tarot cards and star signs .. however we’ve all heard those spooky stories of premonitions and readings becoming reality , have you ever had an amazing experience ?

Louise Androlia, who writes the monthly Tarotscopes for the site, is very talented reader. Once I found myself wide awake at 4am, only to find out later that day that she had been doing a reading for me at exactly that time (she’s based in London, I’m in NYC) because she’d been called by spirit to do so. I woke again later to a a long and incredibly detailed email about exactly what I was going through that that moment in time, along with exactly the advice I needed. As for astrology, I see it more as a tool for self-awareness and personal development than a way to ‘predict’ the future. Learning to read into my chart, with the help of the Astro Twins – which I wrote about here – has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, as well as my relationships, so much better.

11.You worked in fashion… how do you traverse modern and mystical lives?

I try to combine the two! For example, I recently did a ‘psychic closet clear out‘ with my friend Psychic Betsy – so much fun! And when I recently bought myself a pair of tiny diamond earrings, I definitely saw it as a way of letting the Universe know I was ready for more abundance in my life…

12.Whats next for the Numinous ?

I have big plans for the site in 2014, all of which will be unveiled in due course! But coming up soon, a very cool line of apparel and a very different take on the traditional women’s mag “new year, new you” January diet. Watch this space!

13. the most testing emotional, spiritual and physical challenges come from relationships , what advice do you have for young women today in terms of being conscious in romantic relationships?

On a very practical level, knowing your astro chart and knowing theirs can be an incredible tool for understanding relationships – what works, what doesn’t and why (of course you also have to be willing to accept what you see). From my personal experience (I’ve been with my husband for 15 years, married for ten), always being my own person first, and being completely honest about that, is what works for me. In other words, never fake it and never pretend it’s working when you know it isn’t.

finally quick fire questions 

Food – anything green with salmon on top – in pretty much any way shape or form.
Mantra – “yes I can”
Exercise – Patricia Moreno’s IntenSati and any class on yogaglo.com
What makes you laugh – the irony of life…(I am British after all)
Makes you cry – weddings, every time
Beauty product – St Tropez fake tan
Person you would most want to be stuck in an elevator with – my husband
Daily practice – I like to mix it up
Website you love – yogaglo.com!
Instagram everyone should follow – @sparkleomyoga, @The_Numinous
Place you should eat at least once – La Paloma Ibiza
Film – Too many – but for some reason today I’ll say Cloud Atlas
Healthy Habit – choosing to love myself, no matter what

Victoria Secret Athletes I Mean, Angels


its that time of  the year again .. not only does it start to get cold … but the victorias secret 2013 showed was filmed.. and the photos are out .. and we’re all like FARRRKKKKKK . a billion set of abs , not a ripple in sight and butts that sit more in the middle of the back as opposed to mine .. which can sometimes reside closer to my knees.. what he’s comfortable down there .. i think my butt has vertigo … oh woe is us … it is eternally confusing why the show is aired at the time we have all decided to bury our gym memberships in the deep abyss of some stray summer handbag , and start pretending that our bodies still look the same , its merely the more layered of clothing adding bulk .. naaat

anyway .. how do the angels keep so babe’n .. the general consensus seems to be ballet , pilates and a way of life … more specifically .. ladies show us you tricks

Erin Heatherton

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 18.45.41

“I do Ballet Beautiful. It’s a lot of fun learning the movements and getting better at them. Playing with grace and elegance is not something I did growing up and it’s so fun to have the opportunity now. It keeps my spirit youthful and the perfect way to improve posture,” she told us. “It also inspires me to move my body in different ways.”

Doutzen Kroes

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.03.28

“When I am in NYC I always go for a run outside, along the Hudson River, and I really love that. But I also do lots of boxing and jump rope training,” she told us. “I love to really sweat and have a tough workout and so my best workouts are mostly cardio. They do good but they make you feel good at the same time.”

Candice Swanepoel

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 18.40.30

“I’m fit all year round, but about three weeks before the show I do step it up a bit. I have to eat a lot more, so I can work out a lot more,” she told us. “I like to feel really strong: to have a good bum and strong legs on the catwalk, so I really focus on that.”

Lindsay Ellingson

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 18.34.06

“I eat normally, but I’ve been exercising a lot more. I work with Ballet Beautiful and Mary Helen is amazing. You can ask her to focus on certain muscles of your body that you want toned and she’ll do that,” she said. “When you work in lingerie, you really want your glutes really tight and your core, so I’ve been focusing on those areas.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.21.16

Ambrosio undertakes pilates and yoga three times a week, and intense 10-day sessions of the Brazil Butt Lift class, devised by her trainer. “It isn’t hard to stay in shape,” she told Vogue‘s Sarah Harris. “I think I’m in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, but it takes a bigger toll – I get back pain!”

Behati Prinsloo

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 18.52.45

“I try to do Pilates when I can all year around and I also like to swim a lot. I also have a trainer that kicks my butt when it’s needed! I like to be active and keep busy,” she told us.

Toni Garrn

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 21.12.18

“My exercise regime is pretty strict anyway. I work out every day, but I step it up for the show,” she told us. “Before the 2013 show, I didn’t eat sugar or gluten for a month – which is extreme for me because I’m a big, big sweet tooth – so that was the biggest challenge of my life basically!”

Five Of The Best .. Wellness Websites

I’ve got you covered on the health website front .. these are 5 of my all time favourite websites

Part of me is being really bratty about putting them up as im like nooo they’re my little secrets .. but i must share because they deserve to be shared . so enjoy clickety clicking this weekend . endless hours ..

1. The Wellness Warrior 

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.19.38

is a girl from aus( all healthy people are from aus) but she post really easy to read articles  and interviews with some of the best .. as well as little mantra’s at the end of every post

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.20.03

this is a new one and my god it is beautiful , really really ridiculously beautiful .. its like being in an art gallery or some super zen spa … with great interviews with great women and simplistic well written articles

3. Mind Body Green 

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.20.34

its like the WholeFoods Of websites… huge and you can find everything you’re looking for .. and its restocked daily

4. The ChalkBoard Mag

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.21.59

One of the best online “magazines” you can find .. they also do a Guest Editor that has varied from Skin care gurus to Jamie Oliver … its the go to for current articles and superfood help .. its the kind of place you go just browsing and learn about 8000 new things

5. This Rawsome Vegan Life 

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.24.26

This is Solely for Food Porn .. there is no one on earth who makes better healthier food alternatives than this girl .. nor anyone that photographs them better.. be prepared to dribble .. .loads


Mental Mondays …you are not Eat, Pray, Love

5 reasons Why EAT, PRAY,LOVE will mess with your mental health


I adore this story .. the audio book , the film and the novel .. I literally adore this book like I adore a good friend.. comforting and warm , and something to call upon in your times of need . however the following reasons illustrate why its slightly unrealistic …and must always be read in a state of MENTAL STABILITY.. please


IT WILL EXASPERATE YOUR PROBLEMS .. because you want it to

we almost always pick up this book or watch the film because we’re in a confusing state of mind , it goes hand in hand with ice cream … I personally was amidst a break up / house move/ career f*ck up when I turned back to Eat Pray,Love … so we’ve (i have) already set ourselves up for failure .. I guarantee if you watch this film when your life is stable and happy the only reaction you will muster up will sound something like this …

 turns to perfect partner “hey we should plan a trip to (insert location)” 


“my god Julia Robert’s is beautiful” 


“you should read Eat Pray Love on the plane .. its a really easy chick lit ..”

 whereas anyone who’s life isn’t going particularly well will find themselves on the phone to their mother at 2am howling inaudibly that “maybe an ashram in india will help?”

or putting up Facebook updates that read.. Does anyone know of any cheap accommodation in Bali .. Pref secluded..

This book will make your already shaky foundation crumble to a fine dust



 The author Elizabeth Gilbert  had lived an entire life before this book .. I ,and assuming a lot of young people who have read it ,have not … when you reach thirty five and have had a successful career, marriage (somewhat) and hit the milestone life goals such as buying your own home… you have put in the hard work to warrant a breakdown , a second chance a fresh start .But every 20-something year old sitting on a beach in *insert asian location* who booked out of real life having not actually reached any milestones other than discovering meditation ..has not . thus you must avoid this book .. i almost think there should be an age limit .. 35years old +




if you read and purchased  this book it will only cost you about £10.00 MAX .. if you are spurred by this books story it will cost you ONE YEAR AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS . .. unless you have that money , just live vicariously through Elizabeth Gilbert.

*note* 90% of us would have run out of money after the Rome trip , and probably returned home 3 dress sizes bigger with a high school level of italian .. shittt




Eat,Pray , Love was written after Elizabeths Year-long self journey .. having already been a published writer she was given the opportunity to write about this year .arriving back from it .. brazilian babe in tow … had this trip been a horrific failure .. and she had

Not learnt a word of italian .. instead realising that languages were simply not her thing

gotten horrifically sick with an indian related poo illness and spent days at the ashram praying to her guru to plug up every leaky opening  in her body

or had ended up in bali lovelessly drowning her sorrows with a bunch of GAP year kids at some horrifically cheap bar in town

we would not have had the book .. or we would have had A book .. most likely called


my year of monumental F*ck Ups

 I truly believe some people are made to write, create, think up certain things and those things come organically from some sort of universal force (im sounding like the f*cking book) and always come to those people completely randomly , utilising them for their talents .. and i truly think this book came from somewhere like that .. so it cannot be recreated .. instead it was made and has served its purpose , trying to go on the same journey , will probably lead you to publishing STUPID,SICK,SAD .. so I will be suing you for stealing my title .



 because its far too easy to just follow someone else’s remedy  ..

 just like with diet and exercise and relationships .. what works for some doesn’t for others . this book will slightly make you think that her journey is a cure all of  any life problems you’re currently sloughing your way through . but if life were that easy , physiology students would be studying this thing at school .

just because you’re in a foreign country doesn’t mean your problems stayed where you left them .. depression , sadness and grief isn’t some fat little cat that sits at home waiting for you to arrive back to sit on your face and remind you of everything you thought you had forgotten …that little fatty catty is in your luggage .. nay its sitting in your pocket .

so you have to make your own journey … and sometimes it doesn’t require you to escape from life for a year .. sometimes it does.


in the film , they cast James Franco as David … we all know that no matter how depressed you are .. there aint no way you would leave James Franco to go sit in a smelly ashram .. in fact i’ll go as far as saying James Franco may possibly be the only non-medical cure for depression .

This book has an incredible capability to make you want to push for more in your life , to search and to meditate .. but sometimes you have to just get on with stuff .. sometimes self indulging in someone else’s spiritual journey isn’t productive … if you don’t believe me .. go on Facebook now.. locate that friend (we all have one) who booked out of life to live poor on a beach with dreads , whom although having thousands of beautiful photo’s you find them slightly pathetic when you actually see them .. and also unable to engage socially .. with anyone?!?! .. seriously . and really seriously , bless them but you don’t really want to get lost ..

The Regrets Of Those Who Lived.. So We Don’t Have To Relive Them



The Heath-Yoga-Wellness-Beautiful Instagrams You MUST follow

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.58.28

ahhh instagram .. making normal life events that much more beautiful . You probably follow some pretty mind numbing people , for no apparent reason.

Why do we do that ? its like .. yes i’ve seen that selfie of you every morning HASHTAG no Make up (code for makeup but I want you to think I look this good au natural) ugh but then they have a private profile , so if you unfollow the option to look is removed – dilemma


 The following accounts will literally make-your-life/ make you want to move to a beach pad with a wild garden and write a book about the benefits of sprouts . but whatever .. cue us all rearranging our salads/food to make them look effortlessly placed just-so .. ugh so much effort



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 08.58.47

Rachel Brathen Yoga.Travel.Beach.Handstands.Love! Next yoga retreat: Aruba August 10-17🌴 Twitter: @rachelbrathen facebook.com/rachelsyoga info@rachelbrathen.com http://www.rachelbrathen.com

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 08.59.08



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.03.20

Kasia Hrecka Curious and excited scientist studying the secrets of lasting health and true wellness. http://www.facebook.com/nourishup

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.02.51



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.05.01

Daphne Oz cohost on ABC’s The Chew & author of Relish, The Dorm Room Diet…things I love: hubs, food, style, travel and everyday fun!!


Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.05.16



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.12.06

freepeople The official Free People Instagram. The Free People woman lives free through fashion, art, music, travel, and everything in between. http://www.freepeople.com

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.13.16



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.14.14

tasha alanah clarke ☽ ◈ ☾ let your soul run wild and free ☽ △ ☾ << surfer. raw vegan. artist. yogi. marine conservationist. naturopathy student. writer. traveller >> http://www.thegoodnessgoddess.com

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.14.24



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.27.25

wellness_teapea Gather here for all your health and wellness motivation. 🌞🍏🌻Follow please🌻🍏🌞 (blog coming soon)

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.28.51



Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.33.52

The Chalkboard | A Study In Living Well http://www.thechalkboardmag.comScreen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.34.02

PATTI SMITH’S ADVICE : “Stay clean ,Stay healthy”


amazing advice from Ms.Smith . She’s the bomb.

breathes optimism

“Build a good name”, rock poet Patti Smith advises the young.” Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned about doing good work. Protect your work and if you build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency.”

3 Phone Apps To Replace Your Therapist.. Facebook.. And A Steak

These 3 things are great .. and free.. and everything is better when its free.. 

 Buddhist Meditation Trainer:


Buddhist Meditation Trainer is your personal trainer for relaxing and enlightening meditation. It features 10 levels of enlightenment with deeper quotes to meditate on in every level. All with a simple to use meditation timer.

Simply start meditating for 5 minutes everyday to feel the difference. After ten days you will gain a level and further enlightenment

and you can change preference/music etc .. so good for bus/train/car rides or commuting .. the tingly bells permeate the brain!



this one has literally saved my life in foreign countries looking for health food stores.. so easy.

Find vegetarian, vegan, veg-friendly restaurants, health food stores, and other types of vegetarian business nearby your location, or enter a location manually. The app provides a list or map of vegan & vegetarian restaurants in 150 countries.

And its not just for hippie vegans and vegetarians .. it tells you about farmers markets as well

Attitudes Of Gratitude Journal : 


its been scientifically proven that keeping a gratitude journal makes you happier. but i never remember where ive written them down or even if i remembered to write them

also .. great for people who feel the need to facebook brag .. shhh just write it in the journal shhhh

This simple app will help you to develop and maintain a daily attitude of gratitude. At the end of each day you can list the things you are grateful for. You will soon see that your list is much longer than you expected.

By focusing on gratitude, we shift the focus away from the things we may feel are missing in our lives.


Mindfulness Mondays…Documentary: I AM

He got Jim Carrey talkin out his butt .. and made Morgan Freeman GOD Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 20.16.16

Tom Shadyac director of Bruce Almighty , Ace Ventura And The Nutty Professor had a life altering experience when he received a severe concussion after crashing whilst mountain biking .. which led to depression and questioning his hollywood life ..

it is such a profound documentary and a MUST WATCH

Justin Timberlake As TOFU on SNL

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 18.52.58

ohh Justin Timberlake dressed as a giant Tofu on SNL singing about vegans and kale .. oh JT.. forget that big lipped babe ..marry me ..

“Yellow Quinoa In The Sky..” to Rihanna’s -We Found Love .. is a personal fave


Random Link Loving …Agave-Perfume-Fiddleheads and a few others

 Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 14.56.42

5 THINGS YOU DISCOVER TRAVELLING ..giants, naptastic and the @key

You Become A Giant/Everything Is Miniaturised 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.38.38
This is my all time favourite thing , plane food is in small alloted Tupperware like those segmented baby plates .. why 1 gulp servings of orange juice?.. why that wasn’t refreshing at all, in fact im more thirsty now then before – ive had the taste for juice , like the kill .. (this is about the time every steward/stewardess disappears)
Milk is measured in thimbles , sodas suddenly get dwarfed .
At the airport they scale down magazines , which has just reminded me i need to dress a small child as an adult and have her read baby edition of VOGUE .
Hotels are  fitted out with the most pointless 3 sip teacups and what about the tiny pencils ..
travelling BFG style
It Becomes Acceptable Nay Essential To Sleep At All Times
 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.43.49
You justify bus/train/plane/ reception lobby naps as a way to store constant energy because “you’re going to need it , travelling really takes its toll” when we all know you’re sleeping more than you would on a sick day at home and you’re most likely just walking around/shopping/taking photos and feeling blissful.
but you NEED travel naps , because there is no alternative when in transit ..disregard the & novels you packed that you would power through .. not
When You Find Something From Your Own Country In A Foreign One , You’re Like OHMAGAWD !
 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.45.56
I don’t know if anyone else does this but every time I go to a foreign supermarket and find a familiar product on the shelves I give said product more attention and giggly excitement then I would when I see it in the shops at home..
what is that?
usually i’ll walk straight past but suddenly in an unfamiliar setting its amazing..
“holy sh*t guys they have hobnobs, i dont even eat them but they have them !”
australians do this a lot for Vegemite +Milo .. basically anything , they’re a very vocal nationality
The “@” Key Suddenly Moves To An Invisible Location On Every Foreign Keyboard 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.42.16
And you spend too long scanning the letters/numbers thinking.. maybe they dont have an @ key? .. do they use email here?.. its italy of course they do … but HOOWWWW!
and then you end up doing weird extreme finger stretching .. let me just see if i hold down SHIFT with pinky – whilst other hand pinky holds down TAB then use over-extended pointer fingers to try every number at top of keyword . only to copy and paste the “@” sign from your own email address. NOTE: in croatia and romania its honestly easier to find Narnia
Everything Must Be Tasted 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.47.48
This is not actually for me (i have a severe fear of street food/unusual food) but i have friends and family members that will embark on a foreign trip as if a World Eating Tour and suddenly need to ingest everything . 
Even if they dont like the actual food ingredient , they assume in a different country the olives you’ve always hated turn into delectable morsels of culinary heaven.
its like food amnesia ..
You :”Why are you eating that ?? you hate (insert hated food here) !”
Food Champion Friend: “yeh , but ive never tried it in India !”
*Mouth Vomit*
Food Champion Friend: “yep , still hate it .. NEXT!”
The Over-Stuff is never more prevalent then when overseas . 

mindfulness monday Courtesy of Rainn Wilson & Soul Pancake



Rainn Wilson .. yes the creepy DWIGHT  guy from The Office developed a website called Soul Pancake based around the meaning of life .. and you know its funny .. its a place people go to ask questions and ponder.. and pick other peoples mind grapes ..

but the book is the one . so beautifully quirky and illustrated perfectly .. i want to rip it apart and stick in on my walls .. plus you learn loads from the mini essays and activities .

and yes .. i mainly enjoyed putting a pancake hat on Rainn Wilson … because mondays can be hard

And just incase you thought hmmmm… Rainn Wilson so together .. so thought provoking ..

i give you his mind creation that is Dwight Schrute 

beyonce cookies, tiger plates & snickerdoodle perfume .. its tuesday .. we’re bored

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 08.02.02



Sweetness Of The Day .. Stella McCartney

stella mccartneys site has a special little thing on it for easter .

a Mr potato head style EGG DECORATOR .

so sweet .. i made this guy .. i imagine he’d go down well at a dinner party.. so suave and smug


Sir Errol Poppycock

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 17.48.30


Random Fact Of The Day

Slaughter houses will add Artificial Sugars (aspartame)to animal feed , because just like in humans it mimics sugar in the body .. which tricks the body into releasing insulin,  which results in hunger.. which means eating … which makes fatty animals .. and fatty cow peoples

so maybe not so good

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 23.44.37

Sweetness Of The Day.. Sugarcube Factory

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.17.50i fell upon this site.. and felt my heart turn into a fury beanie baby .. its a site where you send anonymous kind words “sugar cubes” which are received by random people in random places .. just to brighten up their day , and you receive them too ..

its so sweet. so spread some love.. and some wisdom!



Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.26.49