I-SCREAM . Ice Cream Made Of Cauliflower .. SAY WHAAAATTT

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.25.07

I’m not a recipe girl .. in fact I could think of nothing worse then writing out what I make … literally my fingers are cramping now anticipating a recipe documentation .

HOWEVER .. this concoction was worthy of a share .

as a non-dairy lady who cant eat coconut (hey swollen face!) my ice-cream availability is limited .

until I stumbled upon a blog called


and saw miraculous things like

Roast Dinner Waste Cake (Maple Cinnamon Cake with Carrot, Parsnip and Potato Peelings)


Cucumber and Mint Cupcakes with Rose Water Buttercream

i know wizardry .

and finally the inspiration was

Cauliflower and Chocolate Ice Lollies with Pistachio Dust


as i didn’t have basically anything that was required .. i made my own .. ..


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 17.56.08Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.03.54 Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 16.19.22

ABOVE:post ballroom blitz (aka blending)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.04.35 40



big projects coming up for my Baby (company)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.27.33

with gift cards

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.27.42

New Collaborations

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 21.27.51

And Custom Bundles

so stay tuned !!


Unicorn Elixir … I Mean Dairy-Free Golden Milk

Golden Milk … 
it sounds delicious right ?! am i right ?!? 
Initially upon learning of this Elixir I assumed it was the MILK OF UNICORNS (naturally).. because you know that sh*t will give you super powers .. 
Nay (see what i did there?!) it is in fact an Old Ayurvedic Recipe used as an anti-inflammatory “Beauty Tonic” -Hello! and overall healthful drink . 
on a scientific note the Golden Ingredient – The PUN QUEEN IS BACK!! sorry anyway the main ingredient TURMERIC has recently come to the forefront of western health because of its many benefits 
Including But Not Limited To: 
-dementia prevention
-cancer prevention 
-natural anti-inflammatory
-fighting colds / flu’s 
– assisting in insulin stability (helpful for diabetics) 
-stimulates gallbladder – in turn aids digestion and weight loss 
– natural liver detox 
so its a good’n 
But the Original Recipe from Ayurveda contains Dairy , which would have been fine because of the purity and freshness of milk back in the day (Imagining an old lady shaking her walking stick!?!?) but not so much now
so i’ve devised the dairy free alternative .. 
You’re welcome 
+Yogi’s take note , because it lubricates the joints its great before classes to aid flexibility 
1/2 tsp. turmeric powder (less if fresh root) 

1 cup milk substitute (rice , almond, oat whatever go crazy!) 

1/3 cup water 

1-2 Tbsp. coconut oil (optional but helpful for the flu-ey people because its of antibacterial properties)

raw honey/stevia/maple syrup to taste

ALSO PLAY AROUND WITH THE AMOUNTS OF TURMERIC and sweetness.. when you hit that perfect personal preference this is friggin delicious 

Boil water and turmeric in small saucepan over medium-high heat for 8 minutes (the turmeric must be fully cooked if not powdered ). Meanwhile, bring the milk and coconut oil to boiling point in a separate pan and remove from heat. Combine the two mixtures and add sweetness of your choice .

to learn more about this cup’o goodness click 

How To Travel Like A Genius : Supplements And That Bridesmaids Scene

How To Travel Like A Genius … 101 

so i’ve just done a long haul flight .. 23 hours all up .. i do this maybe 2-3 times per year .. so my friends …i am a F*cking star at travelling , and have met every kind of traveller possible .

 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.39.36

Firstly i would like to mention, you can take as much food as you want on the plane , you can make your meals at home and take them onboard long as they arent a liquid over 100ml .. I take vegetables, fruit and salads , you’re not obligated to eat plane food , this really confuses me when people are like ” ugh i feel bad I had to eat plane food , you know how disgusting that stuff is !” yehhh i do .. so do you apparently , but the steward must have held the air-marshalls gun to your head and stuffed that rock hard bread roll down your throat .. because i see that happen so much .. What the F&ck ??!?

so take apples, berries, salads, granola , vegetables.. for christ sake take half the health food store , you’ll feel so much better for it and i promise no one will blink an eye, people will just be like .. dammit i wish i had brought delicious food, whilst eating a curry in a foil dish that looks like a warmed up turd .

Now thats off my chest .. here are some supplements for every Traveller

The Nervous Traveller 

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.35.13 


AKA the calming mineral .. its key in relaxing your muscles physically as well as your brain , and is so beneficial to sleep its retarded , this is good for the flyer who needs to neck 4 vodka mini bottles before you’ve even sat down .

dr hyman writes about it here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/magnesium-the-most-powerf_b_425499.html


The Sleepless Traveller 

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.32.13


cant sleep on planes? or want to get sleep aligned with the timezone you’re about to arrive at? melatonin is your best friend , melatonin is a hormone naturally occurring in the body and regulates the sleep – wake  cycle of your body . it allows for more seamless adjustment to timezones

The “I Look Like Shit After A Long Haul Flight ” Traveller 

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.29.08

Green Supplements 

dehydration , lack of oxygen and lack of nutrients are to blame for this one .. which is why you should take as many leafy greens on the plane with you . but taking a Greens Supplement will do wonders, they also keep your digestion detoxing so you wont get bloated from the pressure of eating food so high up!! plus it will give you some added boost and energy .. think something with barley grass (alkalising) spirulina (energising) and Chorella (detoxing) .

The Blocked Up Traveller 

 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.48.11

Magnesium Oxide 

i had to add this one , its disgusting yes .. but the amount of people who ask me about this one … if i had a penny!

different to magnesium supplements (please don’t confuse them :I) , magnesium oxide (Milk Of Magnesium) is a bowel supplement .. not a laxative as such as all it does is bring oxygen and moisture back to the digestive tract allowing for proper elimination naturally (no running to the bathroom required) it is really important to be eliminating especially if you choose to eat the plane food (silly) because you’ll need energy when you’ve compromised your body due to  changing your eating habits, exotic foods , timezones, and lack of routine .. so this will be a game changer .

The Stomach Bug Traveller 

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.01.48

Probiotics + Colloidal Silver 

there is always one person you know (its probably you), who steps on a plane  gets sneezed on by an old dude and rubbed by the snotty fingers of the child sitting next to you .. and boom you’re out with either flu or gastro , people have come to accept these travel bugs as just a natural occurrence of air travel . it needn’t be so , first probiotics .. the good bacteria in your body , when strong will fight an win against almost ALL bacteria, infections and germs so keep those little men strong and take probiotics throughout the flight .

secondly another line of defence is colloidal silver (in spray form) is activated silver suspended in water which when sprays acts as a barrier between you and any bacteria and germs .. i spray my blanket and chair as well as myself (like a shower of tiny jewellery ) .. or better yet when the mother isn’t looking .. spray the sticky child next to you , then hide under your blanket and pretend its a fun game .

The Bad Circulation Traveller 

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 05.07.35

Garlic supplements 

Swelly legs, tired face, stiffness and tingling .. yeh that would be you and your shitty circulation , they say most people should take aspirin when flying not just to prevent from DVT (deep vein thrombosis)  but to just assist the body in circulating your blood (and water) when put under the strain and literal pressure of high altitudes . but you don’t need to take aspirin .. Garlic is one of the best anticoagulants in the world , its been used for thousands of years, and naturally aids circulation , and has similar (sometimes clinically proven to have better) effects of circulation when flying.

Finally , the usual tips, drink loads of water, get up and walk , and finally enjoy that you have however many hours to sit and think about fun stuff or watch some shitty films . p.s another plus when you bring your own food with you, is you get to use the bathroom whilst everyone else is being served dinner… and we know what the bathroom is like when 100 plus people get fed toxic high shelf-life airplane food.. so enjoy your fresh as a daisy toilet time before the masses tarnish it .


Superhuman Superfood Super Smoothies .. SSSUPPPEERRR

The Super Smoothie


ohh super smoothie .. why you so delicious , on my hunt for more combinations .. i found the Smoothie Index on Navita’s Naturals Website.. its basically the porn of smoothie websites ..


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 18.39.28click da pic

Secondly .. buying each individual powder was making my brain hurt.. not only remembering them all but finding them all in one place.. so instead opted for these superfood mix ins .. they are f*cking delicious..


Rich in chlorophyll & high in magnesium, green foods alkalise the blood & provide minerals. As well as wheatgrass, barleygrass, spirulina and chlorella green foods, this excellent mix also contains zeolite, pau d’arco & milk thistle for exceptional cleansing support. 100g.

Ingredients/More Details

Wheatgrass powder (29%), spirulina powder (19%), chlorella powder (14%), milk thistle seed powder (14%), barleygrass powder (14%), zeolite powder (not raw-5%), Pau D’arco powder (5%).



InSpirals magnificent maintenance mix to nourish and sustain you in your day, providing plenty of natural plant-based nutrients and antioxidants. Pleasantly sweet-tasting. 100g.

Ingredients/More Details

Maca root powder (24%), yacon root powder (23%), baobab fruit powder (15%), ho shou wu (fo ti) powder (11%), ginseng powder (9%), purple corn extract powder (9%), acai powder (9%).


InSpiral’s mix is a perfect boost to lift your spirits. This stimulating mix is high in natural caffeines and will surely keep you alert and bouncing into the night the natural way! 100g.

Ingredients/More Details

Guarana seed powder (27%), maca root powder (20%), raw cacao powder (20%), yacon root powder (20%), suma powder (13%).



I Took One For The Team .. The JuicePress NYC Menu

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 18.26.47

Everyone who doesnt live in NYC is literally about to carry me down a crowded street chanting my name . because I took a Juice Press Menu .. and this is it .. 

so no longer will you have to sip on your kale,cucumber,apple and lemon juice that is so boring you never feel satisfied



i know you just dragged it onto your desktop… good.

The reason It is so f*ckingly fabulous is that no one could fathom even like a quarter of these juice concoctions and super blended smoothies if they tried . and certainly you’ll be hard pressed (yes the pun is back) to find a similar juice cafe/store/detox that is as imaginative and so full of super foods .. 

menu 1

so because I couldnt take NYC with me at least i can make my Harvey Wallbanger from the comfort of my cold London abode.. pretty sure the sun is shunning England like a band geek in the lunch room.. just pretending we don’t exist . boo sun boo


Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 18.11.02



juicepress copy

now run my children and fill your homes with juicepress vibes.. but also the founder is super hot hey ? he always looks angry… which i think actually makes him hotter … mmm marcus antebi

Tummy tips! From celebrity nutritionist Kim Snyder…

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 10.59.45

Feeling tired?

Skin looking greyish? Eyes lost their twinkle?
And how is that tummy of yours… Bloating? Burping…?

Rest assured you are not alone!

Digestive health is one of the most common yet under studied areas in modern medicine, yet it is one of the key systems in creating energy and feeling beautiful!

Its lucky we have wonderful tummy experts like Kimbery Snyder, author of ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ for tips on how to lose the food baby and renew our sparkle.


Working with the likes of Fergie, Hilary Duff and Drew Barrymore, she knows a thing or two about how to give ourselves an energy kick, shed some fat and glow from the inside out – all without crazy calorie counting or cutting carbs.

“The less energy we tie up in digestion, the more energy we can “unlock” to spread through our bodies and confer beauty benefits” she says.

So what are some of her tummy tips to get that gorgeous glow?

1. You are not a tiger – don’t eat like one!
So many people are eating animal proteins every day, sometimes for 3 meals a day! Our stomachs just aren’t designed to tolerate that much. Take it easy on the steak and kidney pie and opt for veggie options when available. For meat lovers, this can be hard at first, so a good habit to start is meatless Mondays 😊 every week!

2. Alkaline first!
Before any meal, try to have some high-fiber alkaline foods like raw carrot sticks or a garden salad. This will ensure you’re getting your fiber needs, but more importantly, will help to balance your ph balance before you load up on saucy, starchy or meaty meals which are very acidic for our bodies.

3. Skip breakfast
Yes, that’s right!
Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme… But
eating breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper is a health myth… and its high time everyone stopped forcing breakfast into their mouths to “kick start their metabolism”
Our bodies didn’t evolve like that. Breakfast should be eaten when we first feel hungry in the day, not because cereal companies are telling you to chow down corn flakes at 7am.
You will have more energy if you actually delay your morning meal until you are feeling hungry – when the best thing to eat is fruit, a green smoothie or a fresh vegetable juice!

One look at Kim and its easy to see how this way of eating has its beauty benefits…

Her signature glowing green smoothie recipe is a big hit in LA, see the recipe below and watch your inner beauty shine through 😊


4-5 large handfuls of leafy greens – Kim recommends romaine lettuce, kale and spinach
Parsley or Coriander (if taste doesn’t bother you – very detoxifying)
1 liter of water (filtered is best!)

1 Apple (cored)
1 Pear
1 Banana
Juice ½ Lemon
1 cup Ice

Place ingredients in a big blender (the more powerful, the better and more appetizing your smoothies) – water and greens first, blitz, then add fruit and ice.
Blend until smooth.



Tip – use seasonal fruits – if apples aren’t available, substitute with peaches or whatever is lying around! Fresh is best.



Child SuperHero Baking Vegan Cakes… The best video ever?


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 16.57.28

is the bakery of dreams its vegan and basically the healthiest way to eat a cupcake (there is a god)

“BabyCakes offers all-natural, organic and delicious alternatives free from the common allergens: wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs. Rest assured, all sweeteners have been chosen responsibly and used sparingly. White sugar will never be found in our bakery, nor will we ever use toxic chemical sweeteners.”

Anyway it super popular im not writing about it per se more so this video they did of the owners superhero clad nephew baking like a vegan pro

i love him

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/30381291″>Oliver Bakes BabyCakes NYC, Episode 1: Madeleines!</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user1523068″>BabyCakes NYC</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

THIS WEEK : Whats Your Med Style?… Model +Author=damn you + Beer Hair + The Most Beautiful Popsicles On Planet Eart

so this week I’ve been clicking and saving many-a-wegpage.. my bookmarks are bursting … heres a few I  liked

Well&Good Provide The Answer To WHICH MEDITATION DO YOU NEED? eg.. what problems suit what meditations 

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 14.07.34






Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 13.58.34

Like White On Rice.. And Tina Turner Is My Hairspiration

Firstly I made the easiest rice milk ever.. I. am . so .domestic .

NO its great . no added oil like store milk alternatives . or salt or stabilisers blah blah blah .. plus when I strained it I slightly felt like I was milking a cows udder … and I immediately had a strange envy of the Amish . so soothing ..

It was delicious . butIi didnt use maple syrup .. I no likey maple syrup . so I did it with YACON SYRUP 

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 17.41.24



 .. completely irrelevantly .. I have been on a hair journey .. I had become a Hair-e-krishna …too scared to cut or dye the f*cker because I have spent so much on Silica to make it grow like a beast .

but I believe when your hair lines up with …. as oprah would say the  “inner You” its a special time .

and I may have found mine …

its embarrassing that it had to be Tina Turner .. you cant fight fate I guess

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 17.31.50

cue you all singing .. SImply The Best .. dun dun dun .. Better Than All The Rest

Cheats/poor persons Guide To Acupressure Points

Acupuncture is expensive and sometimes just such an effort , and looking for your acupressure points online requires extreme body mapping abilities .. so here are some good /useful points and how to use them so you can CHILL OUT 

NOTE: i could not show you my toes , they are too terrifying, hence the sock hat .. they really are disgusting 

Third Eye Point


Directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Calms the body to relieve nervousness as well as headaches, dizziness and vertigo

 “push on point using firm pressure”

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 12.27.51

Inner Pass


located on the inside of the wrist, between the two ropey tendons in the center of the wrist, 3 finger-widths up from the wrist crease.

good for panic attacks, heart fluttering anything to do with hearts as well as stopping nausea and anxiety associated stomach problems

“To massage, apply firm and steady downward pressure. You can use your nail to really get into the point and stimulate it strongly – it will be sore when you hit the right depth.”


Spirit Gate


Location: On the little finger side of the forearm at the crease of the wrist.

Relieves emotional imbalances, fear, nervousness, anxiety, ,forgetfulness insomnia, palpitations, poor memory and emotional upset.

“Use your thumb nail to press the point until you feel a comfortable pain. Hold the pressure while you knead the point in very small circular movements for about 1 minute.Repeat on the other wrist”


 Crooked Marsh 


 On the inside of the arm at the lower end of the elbow crease when the arm is bent.

Relieves nervous stomach, anxiety, arm pain, elbow pain, and chest discomfort.

“knead the point in very small circular movements”


Great Surge


To find this point, start at the web between your big toe and your second toe. Walk your fingers back up your foot, staying between those two metatarsal bones, until the bones meet and you can’t walk your fingers any farther up in the groove.

circulate energy throughout our whole body relieves symptoms of stress.

“Massage with firm pressure either straight up and down or in a counter-clockwise direction.”



Random Link Loving …Agave-Perfume-Fiddleheads and a few others

 Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 14.56.42

Model Come Raw Foody Lets us Know Her Secrets ( Interview with Alex Glenday)


You know that ol’ saying Never trust a (skinny) i say fat chef … I always think that when people give me advice on nutrition or beauty tips .. and they look hmm how to put this politely a little less of what I would like to look like (its hard to sound succinct when you just want to say sh*t hey!)

However when i meet someone beautiful and radiant i literally want to climb inside them and find out everything they do , eat and rub on themselves.

This goes for Alex Glenday -Model, Raw Foodist , photographer , traveller .. somewhat entrepreneur .. this list could go on for a while . She’s walked for the likes of Paul Smith and Julien Macdonald and you’ve probably dribbled over her editorials in magazines …

But you cant disregard the facts , she’s beautiful and talented and full of energy .. because how the F8ck is she doing it all ? I found out what she does, her secrets (YHUSSS!!) and inspirations

What do you do? & what lead you to doing it?

I am busy with a couple of projects at the moment. I like to categorize those under two different fabulous f’s- the one is food the other fashion.  In fashion, I have reached my tenth year of modeling, a decade long journey that has taken me round the world, Asia, Europe, Africa and America and left with me with a little suitcase of essentials which I will get to later… more recently I have been dabbling deeper into photography.  After living in New York last year I returned to the summer in Cape Town South Africa, where I grew up, to start some new chapters in my life.  Here is my first published editorial: (http://www.afashionfriend.co.za/issue/aff-issue-35/nomadic-jewels)

I have been working with the brilliant photographer, Ulrich Knoblach on a book that he is making, as his illustrator, painting naked ladies frolicking around South African Landscapes in gentle watercolors.


Food has been the most capacitating thing as a model, who must be in good shape.  An unending development which has left me with some simple solutions to energy and indulgent satisfaction.  I have wanted to share my discoveries with all my loved ones and now anyone who will care to taste creations I have made.  I started a raw food and yoga detox retreat, the ‘RAWreTREAT’ (http://rawretreat.withtank.com/) on a fruit farm in South Africa with a childhood friend.  This is on hold as the winter months close in, and a new business venture in the form of ridiculously delicious fine dining pop up dinners has resulted:  ‘Forage To Feast’, focusing on organic, wild and local foods that are perfectly combined, into delectable dishes.   Dinner parties in awesome locations with good live music, have a look at the concept here: (http://www.foragetofeast.com/).  I am also in the process of launching a company with my organizationally savvy sister, to bring Kombucha to the main stream market in South Africa and potentially for export in the future (http://www.brewkombucha.co.za/.)

What’s your healthy little secret?

You should combine your food perfectly! Of course it helps to eat all the right things, but if you get them in the wrong combinations, you create a digestive backlog which leads to a build up of waste and how can you be purely beautiful if you aren’t clean? Also don’t be scared of the right fats, they are great for skin and hair and mobilize bad fats and make them move on out! That is the best secret in terms of losing weight. An Avocado a day is great! – Just make bloody sure you combine properly. Look at the helpful food combining chart which Beth posted before, to see what I mean.


What blogs or websites do you love?

Detox the world (http://www.detoxtheworld.com/blog.php)

Katherine Ung (http://www.hydroholistic.com/blog/)

Marks daily apple (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ )

Raw for beauty (http://www.rawforbeauty.com/)

Who’s your female inspiration and why?

American Nutritionist, Natalia Rose is definitely my health inspiration.  Her book the RAW FOOD DETOX DIET was introduced to me in 2010 by a fellow model in Paris.  She has really changed the way I live my life and has in turn changed the thoughts of so many people that I know.  She is logical and clear. A guru.






things I learnt tonight …

1. what oils work best with what hair types as both masks and just general upkeep

2. its surprisingly fun making little kawaii girls with squiggly hair

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 22.40.23

so find your little lady and get some organic oil .. you’ll find you will use less conditioner and you’ll start working with your locks .

now for the poo .. shampoo ..

I thought I would try this little organic natural approach to shampoo , mainly because I ran out of shampoo . and Im lazy like that

1 cup apple cider

2 cups filtered water

soak your hair with vinegar water .. mmm stanky

leave on for 15 minutes ..



 I honestly couldn’t believe it , the alkalising apple cider strips all the greasy residue off the fair follicles and leaves glossy mane .

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.23.40

so no F*ck you wholefoods (no I love you shh) I will not be spending £12.00 on shampoo when I got it in ma fridg e

Sweetness Of The Day .. Stella McCartney

stella mccartneys site has a special little thing on it for easter .

a Mr potato head style EGG DECORATOR .

so sweet .. i made this guy .. i imagine he’d go down well at a dinner party.. so suave and smug


Sir Errol Poppycock

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 17.48.30


Whip it Whip it real good..

moisturisers can be greasy and sloppy and expensive .. so i decided to make my own .. and considering i am nay good at cooking .. i needed something easy and simple .

I LOVE COCONUTS .. but the oil is hard to manage as most of it drips all over the floor and then when it solidifies and you try and claw at it most of it pings around the room or you end up punching the bottom of the jar .. so i give you hand friendly coconut WHIPPED oil moisturiser

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.33.48ingredients :

cold coconut oil

blend it for a few minutes on high till it turns into soft buttery goodness .. add essential oils or scents and keep in a cool place.. just re-blend if it gets sad and melty . you are welcome xx

HERE read about how good coconut oil is for your skin courtesy of The Huffington Post



ive recovered from the flu .. it took a good 38 hours .. but usually it takes me about a week .. i owe it to these little rascals :

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 17.35.02

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : just drink shots.. everyones always attempts to make a sweet tea.. apple cider smells like feet and will always taste bad when not on salad BUT it akalines the body and has lots of potassium for all the sweating you’re doing from your fever and starts healing tickly throats

PINEAPPLE: sore throat king has bromelain in it a powerful enzyme that tests have shown to be better than medical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory’s so will ease your throat and soothe your sinus’

GINGER : its an obvious one all round good guy for your immunity .. one tip is to have it as raw as possible.. even though everyone puts it in tea its actually better in a juice because of the enzymes that break down in boiling water

GARLIC: is your friend i ate 2 .. yes 2 (i could kill a vampire from a mile away) garlic BULBS !! not cloves BULBS its a blood thinner aka natural aspirin so will help headaches . stimulates the immune system and is a very powerful man repeller.. i mean nasal decongestant

I NEARLY FORGOT COCONUT WATER!!!! because you must keep hydrated and sometimes water is boring .. plus all the other stuff its good for .. and if you sit near a radiator and close your eyes you can sometimes pretend youre on a tropical island .. sipping coconuts

i know its all quite obvious .. i was desperate to make a little dancing man out of that bulb of ginger .. so im being self indulgent . bye bye flu xx


Lord knows almond milk is delicious , but loooong to make ,requiring cleaning up (icky yucky) and a muslin cloth .. who has one?? i once attempted making it with a stocking (enough said)

And buying it although not retarded expensive is still money from the pocket , also some nights when ive run out and i want a late night tea.. I’m like S**T.. then fell upon this … the easiest method all you need is a blender !QUICK HOMEMADE ALMOND MILK


WHITE ALMOND BUTTER 2 Teaspoons (biona is a good brand)

*also add your preferred sweetener Stevia, Agave, Honey , sugar to taste .. maybe a little vanilla extract?) 

ANNNDDD BLEND .. its done

what you say .. you just saved me money! i will be setting up a PO box where you can send all your cheques..

also think of all the additives you aren’t consuming ! IM SO GOOD TO YOU

you . are.welcome

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

firstly this is the easiest most effective skin brightening toner and or mini face mask (just add greater amounts of honey for a mask

Quarter Cup apple cider vinegar
Juice of one lemon
Teaspoon of RAW honey (add 2 tablespoons for a mask)

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : is an antiseptic so great if you’ve been picking at spots! (naughty) it alkalises the Ph level of your skin and firms up your dermis ( i cant say skin again or i’ll have said it every sentence.. writing is hard!) because of its tonic properties to draw blood to the skins (dammit) surface . great for ACNE

RAW HONEY: has alpha-hydroxy which naturally exfoliates the skin (minus any scrubbing) its healing (wound care) because its anti inflammatory so again great for acne or spots

LEMON: lemons are the best .. just the best it gets rid of blackheads . don’t leave this mask on for more than 20 mins .. lemons lighten scars and skin blemishes but also skin .. im not saying you’ll get that skin thing michael jackson had (or did he?) … but you may lose your tan (if you have one, if not , get some Vitamin D man!!) . it is also full of vitamins .. but im sceptical our skin eats vitamins.. now im just picturing pores with little mouths


combined slather on face , chill out .
i’ve actually just done this and I’m currently watching a drunk man yelling the C-word on the street outside my window and proclaiming to have “FINALLY MADE IT!” good for him , and good for you if you make this!! xx


sugar pie honey bunch

When I was younger i spent a great deal of time going through bathroom cabinets and the kitchen pantry to find “ingredients” for my (i was copying my mum) skincare . this sometimes led to many award occasions when there would be a lack of olive oil for the evening meal , or stale aromas wafting from my room as Barbies FRUITLOOP bangles rotted …or most horrifically when i used a sanitary pad to make a wedding vail for Barbie(she was a bad influence clearly) and my mum couldn’t breathe it was so funny . anyway i wanted to feel like a kid again and was desperate for a good ol scrub . this recipe is so easy and fun .


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 07.21.21

2 cups of Oatbran

1&1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or any other oil)

1/2 cup of Manuka Honey

Pinch Of Salt

1 cup Brown Sugar