Chris Kresser & Aspirin .. slightly personal

this post is weirdly personal … dun dun dunnnn


So firstly Chris Kresser is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine. if you dont know him .. you basically don’t know anything about functional medicine and I’m about to blow your mind .

His website is a vast vast wealth of knowledge about everything from Gluten intolerance to baby nutrition .. in face he wrote a book called The Healthy Baby Code .. so he know babies .

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 08.24.50

so before you get engulfed in a deep dive of his blog/website and free E-books .. which really shouldnt be free .. so we’re ripping him off something major .. so now we know he’s charitable .. do you love him as much as i do ??

Probably his most useful resource is his PODCAST .. where people can record questions for him to answer … ad boy does he answers .

SO THE PERSONAL ANGLE … my mum has a blood disorder so i thought on a whim and a prayer i would write in asking about her current aspirin prescription and illness.. and i woke up this morning with a new little podcast nestled like a sweet little egg in my hand (Hi Iphone glued to head whilst sleeping) – so unhealthy .

He answers the or paradigm that ASPIRIN IS FINE FOR LONG TERM USE …. so even thought the question was specific about my mums condition its also so useful for those trying to figure out the pro’s and cons of the little white pill .

NOTE* yes my voice is snoooozzeeefest and i canny pronounce people words sometimes

here’s the youtube version of the 30min conversation or go to the podcast on ITUNES 


One thought on “Chris Kresser & Aspirin .. slightly personal

  1. I followed Chris Kresser for a long and while a lot of his information is spot on, he is starting to show his lack of knowledge in the medical field. He is not a doctor, not that half the doctors around the world are good to begin with anyway. He did not even address the importance of taking Vitamin K to neutralize the blood thinning effects aspirin can have. You need to look into Ray Peat, who clearly discusses the benefits of Aspirin:

    Ray Peat is a scientist who has a deep understanding of biology and endocrinology. Chris Kresser is just an acupuncturist who has done well in what I like to call Internet research. He most likely spends alot of his time on PubMed to help him draw conclusions. While it has certainly worked before, it isnt always the case. As is with his discussion on Aspirin.

    Integrative Medicine is a great concept and he has certainly helped publicize the importance of it. But he is still lacking in the scientific ability to understand a lot of concepts in health. Take the time to read up on Ray Peat, with an open mind, you will see Kresser is not all he has set out to be.

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