Sweetness Of The Day .. I Heart Gut Toys … Yep



I think I have found my ultimate gift website .. for serious .. you know i love a little gut health !


and it is so important .. And the Company I HEART GUTS thought it was SOOO freakin important that the self proclaimed “anatomically obsessed illustrator” and founder Wendy Bryan decided to turn her obsession into fun toys !

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 07.39.47

other than being fun and sometimes citing some great reference to articles based on the different organs , there are some beautiful testimonials from people who have bought the products.. One about a mother who bought the stomach for her child that had to surgically have their stomach removed … heartbroken people who received a “new heart” which is so cute .



its a great way to teach children about certain parts of the anatomy as well .. aghh i love it much 😀


3 thoughts on “Sweetness Of The Day .. I Heart Gut Toys … Yep

  1. Finally a place to buy organs without meddling in the black market.

    I need a pair of lungs because when I saw you, you took my breathe away!

    *I hate myself for creating such cringe invoking comments.*

      • It makes me very happy my infatuation with your well maintained skin and blog is appreciated.

        I thought it the quickest to get under your skin. (Badaboom)

        Now I have your attention what do I do with it?

        Rub the (non-toxic) lotion on skin or it gets the hose….

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