A Book Review … I Know How High Brow (Shut Your Shocked Mouth)



So i’m getting my yoga teacher training , i know i”m so my generation but f*ck it !!!



In doing so as students we are asked to read the Bhagavad Gita or GITA, which i think sounds slightly ghetto ..maybe because I’m thinking of GTA .. as a girl i should not actually know what Grand Theft Auto is .. but there you go .. yogi-nutritionist and Playstation Pro. 


moving on…


The Bhagavad Gita is a hindu scripture of stories , a bit Bible vibes but not .. anyway its hard to read … its friggin hard I wont lie .. maybe its just me but its hard , ive even downloaded the audio book , but  this thing has more hard to pronounce characters than Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings combined and is more mystical than J.K Rowlings dreams people . 



 So in an attempt to BALANCE .. being the main aim of yoga , i picked up this book THE RELUCTANT YOGI By Carla McKay .. if i’m honest i saw the Daily Mail corner review and thought .. even a brain dead person can read this bogus … 

Its true it was so far from all the heavy reading i was doing .. but its real life guys , its not really a story per se as it seems on the cover .. its more just an average woman explaining yoga .. get through the first couple of chapter to where Carla starts to break.it.down into less hippy dippy and more modern day , citing scientific fact along with some humour she certainly made me take yoga less seriously and see it for what it is .. a way to live happily and healthily … 


my favourite line came from a chapter about chakras and Nadis .. which i’m aware if you aren’t off living in a spiritual cocoon (blinkers on) like i attempt to , its really hard to believe or even comprehend that spiritual shit without bug-eyed creeping backwards out the room when some lady pulls out a Tuning Fork to realign said Chakra … 

So basically if you’re trying to convince yourself to get into some spiritual vibes, get fit or healthy or just want to bring your already yogi mind back to earth , and also have the all the elements of yoga explained in super easy english .. this book is your baby .. its also like a semi cheat book for anyone doing yoga training , because i know you’re falling asleep halfway through the classes about MAYA, Bhraman and the Three Sutras (dont even get me started , ive developed a great tactic of wearing my beany super low so i can power nap whilst pretending to read) 
Happy Headstand Readings 

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