oil pull

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.17.18

you’re like .. what THE WHAT ?!?!

firstly its like how does one pull oil .. it will slip between ma fingers . no not that oil pulling .

Indian medicine incorporates OIL pulling into everyday life as a daily cleanse.. its basically super simple and involve taking a teaspoon of oil ( i use coconut and sesame) and swishing and sucking it all around your mouth .. like a little washing machine.. the idea and actually proven outcomes is not only cleansing and whitening of the teeth but the drawing (or pulling ! hey!) out of toxins that have accumulated over the night .

its also meant to help




-sore throats



all the fun stuff

This is the first and last time i hope i ever type.. YOU DO NOT SWALLOW!


its meant to help you with overall expelling of toxins.. i noticed it makes your grill squeaky clean and teaches you self discipline … especially coconut oil which i spend the whole 15 mins (you do it for 15 mins .. long i know) .. but i spend the time trying not to swallow the delicious coconutty-ness . 

mmmm clean mouthy feel


2 thoughts on “oil pull

  1. I am just LOVING your facial expressions in the above vid!! Hilarious! I’m definitely going to try this – with the coconut oil, do you warm that a little so it’s liquid?

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