oil pull

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you’re like .. what THE WHAT ?!?!

firstly its like how does one pull oil .. it will slip between ma fingers . no not that oil pulling .

Indian medicine incorporates OIL pulling into everyday life as a daily cleanse.. its basically super simple and involve taking a teaspoon of oil ( i use coconut and sesame) and swishing and sucking it all around your mouth .. like a little washing machine.. the idea and actually proven outcomes is not only cleansing and whitening of the teeth but the drawing (or pulling ! hey!) out of toxins that have accumulated over the night .

its also meant to help




-sore throats



all the fun stuff

This is the first and last time i hope i ever type.. YOU DO NOT SWALLOW!


its meant to help you with overall expelling of toxins.. i noticed it makes your grill squeaky clean and teaches you self discipline … especially coconut oil which i spend the whole 15 mins (you do it for 15 mins .. long i know) .. but i spend the time trying not to swallow the delicious coconutty-ness . 

mmmm clean mouthy feel


Its All In The Face : Chinese Medicine

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oh hey , i haven’t written here for ages.. because i’ve been studying and playing DOWN UNDA MAYYYTEEEE!


Recently in my pursuit of knowledge and learning of “alternative medicines” or eastern medicine I began looking into Chinese Medicine having recently engulfed myself in Ayurvedic Medicine i felt it time to show my asian friends some love.

I’ve been getting regular acupuncture which is all great and good and you can research the millions of health journals which proves its effectiveness blah blah blah

but this isnt about that …

What intrigued me most in seeing chinese medicine practionors was their inate ability to tell me what physical or emotional problems I had within moments of meeting me ..


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I then asked one practitioner if i could borrow some of her Chinese Medicine Textbooks (because im anal like that)  .. i needed to know the secret mind reading ninja tricks.. what it lead me to was FACE MAPPING .. i’ve posted an image of this months ago , but i never really realised what it all meant .

basically Chinese Tradition states that what happens in the body shows up on the face !


and pinpointing areas or pigmentation,acne and congestion on the face alludes to internal problems which has been backed up by Western Medicine .

for example PMS acne tends to show up on the chin – Chinese medicine also have this as a genealogical point / spleen point which controls the hormones

I personally noticed my smile lines diminishing recently (im 22 but they were definitely there) i thought it was just because i had gotten some sun but apparently this is the LUNG section .. which makes sense as i quit smoking and also I’ve noticed almost all smokers have that hideous puppet mouth the longer they smoke!

not only does it paint a picture of your physical health but also your mental health .. the chinese believe we store different emotions in different areas of the body The Liver stores Anger and Resentment and thus will show up on the corresponding areas of the face . so take a look at your mug and figure out whats possibly going on inside!

so you really can read someones face . its worth looking into and lets all draw on our faces because it is fun

Dumpster Juice & The Buddha Hand

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this my friends .. is a dumpster juice .. because its literally got anything compost-y in it .. that isnt a word i know .. but this is delicious .. as soon as you put strawberries in a juice .. its delicious .. its like a banana in a smoothie .. it could literally have an old shoe in it .. but it will just taste banana-ry .. today i am making up many-a-words

heres what went in it …



small apple


iceberg lettuce

rainbow chard



black cabbage

dino kale


Aloe vera Water




Now note the weird YELLOW MONSTER THING.. that my friends is a BUDDHA HAND! its a lemony aromatic fruit .. and its bizarre , the texture the whole way through is the same as the skin of a lemon or orange .. WERIDD but it isnt bitter .. its basically lemon peel that someone told to calm down .. but how much do you go “grab ma strong hand” when you see its little cripple fingers .. if you dont know what im talking about.. let me take you back

anyway this is all part of my 21 Days juicing which has just begun .. i personally love juicing and feel great.. im going to swap in some smoothies every now and then .. and hopefully find some more retarded fruit .. suggestions welcome

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