Mental Mondays …you are not Eat, Pray, Love

5 reasons Why EAT, PRAY,LOVE will mess with your mental health


I adore this story .. the audio book , the film and the novel .. I literally adore this book like I adore a good friend.. comforting and warm , and something to call upon in your times of need . however the following reasons illustrate why its slightly unrealistic …and must always be read in a state of MENTAL STABILITY.. please


IT WILL EXASPERATE YOUR PROBLEMS .. because you want it to

we almost always pick up this book or watch the film because we’re in a confusing state of mind , it goes hand in hand with ice cream … I personally was amidst a break up / house move/ career f*ck up when I turned back to Eat Pray,Love … so we’ve (i have) already set ourselves up for failure .. I guarantee if you watch this film when your life is stable and happy the only reaction you will muster up will sound something like this …

 turns to perfect partner “hey we should plan a trip to (insert location)” 


“my god Julia Robert’s is beautiful” 


“you should read Eat Pray Love on the plane .. its a really easy chick lit ..”

 whereas anyone who’s life isn’t going particularly well will find themselves on the phone to their mother at 2am howling inaudibly that “maybe an ashram in india will help?”

or putting up Facebook updates that read.. Does anyone know of any cheap accommodation in Bali .. Pref secluded..

This book will make your already shaky foundation crumble to a fine dust



 The author Elizabeth Gilbert  had lived an entire life before this book .. I ,and assuming a lot of young people who have read it ,have not … when you reach thirty five and have had a successful career, marriage (somewhat) and hit the milestone life goals such as buying your own home… you have put in the hard work to warrant a breakdown , a second chance a fresh start .But every 20-something year old sitting on a beach in *insert asian location* who booked out of real life having not actually reached any milestones other than discovering meditation ..has not . thus you must avoid this book .. i almost think there should be an age limit .. 35years old +




if you read and purchased  this book it will only cost you about £10.00 MAX .. if you are spurred by this books story it will cost you ONE YEAR AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS . .. unless you have that money , just live vicariously through Elizabeth Gilbert.

*note* 90% of us would have run out of money after the Rome trip , and probably returned home 3 dress sizes bigger with a high school level of italian .. shittt




Eat,Pray , Love was written after Elizabeths Year-long self journey .. having already been a published writer she was given the opportunity to write about this year .arriving back from it .. brazilian babe in tow … had this trip been a horrific failure .. and she had

Not learnt a word of italian .. instead realising that languages were simply not her thing

gotten horrifically sick with an indian related poo illness and spent days at the ashram praying to her guru to plug up every leaky opening  in her body

or had ended up in bali lovelessly drowning her sorrows with a bunch of GAP year kids at some horrifically cheap bar in town

we would not have had the book .. or we would have had A book .. most likely called


my year of monumental F*ck Ups

 I truly believe some people are made to write, create, think up certain things and those things come organically from some sort of universal force (im sounding like the f*cking book) and always come to those people completely randomly , utilising them for their talents .. and i truly think this book came from somewhere like that .. so it cannot be recreated .. instead it was made and has served its purpose , trying to go on the same journey , will probably lead you to publishing STUPID,SICK,SAD .. so I will be suing you for stealing my title .



 because its far too easy to just follow someone else’s remedy  ..

 just like with diet and exercise and relationships .. what works for some doesn’t for others . this book will slightly make you think that her journey is a cure all of  any life problems you’re currently sloughing your way through . but if life were that easy , physiology students would be studying this thing at school .

just because you’re in a foreign country doesn’t mean your problems stayed where you left them .. depression , sadness and grief isn’t some fat little cat that sits at home waiting for you to arrive back to sit on your face and remind you of everything you thought you had forgotten …that little fatty catty is in your luggage .. nay its sitting in your pocket .

so you have to make your own journey … and sometimes it doesn’t require you to escape from life for a year .. sometimes it does.


in the film , they cast James Franco as David … we all know that no matter how depressed you are .. there aint no way you would leave James Franco to go sit in a smelly ashram .. in fact i’ll go as far as saying James Franco may possibly be the only non-medical cure for depression .

This book has an incredible capability to make you want to push for more in your life , to search and to meditate .. but sometimes you have to just get on with stuff .. sometimes self indulging in someone else’s spiritual journey isn’t productive … if you don’t believe me .. go on Facebook now.. locate that friend (we all have one) who booked out of life to live poor on a beach with dreads , whom although having thousands of beautiful photo’s you find them slightly pathetic when you actually see them .. and also unable to engage socially .. with anyone?!?! .. seriously . and really seriously , bless them but you don’t really want to get lost ..


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