Sweetness Of The Day : Kumare Documentary

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this is literally the funniest documentary … its basically the Spiritual version of Borat

Vikram Gandhi (no relation to the real guy) who decides to impersonate a “guru” from india and shortly manages to gain a following of people , who’s lives he changes .. although it seems a little bit naughty and you do feel sorry for the people in the film who honestly think they are following a yogic spiritual Guru .. but of course it has a moral almost fortune cookie like.. that we ultimately are our own gurus.



Five Of The Best .. Wellness Websites

I’ve got you covered on the health website front .. these are 5 of my all time favourite websites

Part of me is being really bratty about putting them up as im like nooo they’re my little secrets .. but i must share because they deserve to be shared . so enjoy clickety clicking this weekend . endless hours ..

1. The Wellness Warrior 

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is a girl from aus( all healthy people are from aus) but she post really easy to read articles  and interviews with some of the best .. as well as little mantra’s at the end of every post

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this is a new one and my god it is beautiful , really really ridiculously beautiful .. its like being in an art gallery or some super zen spa … with great interviews with great women and simplistic well written articles

3. Mind Body Green 

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its like the WholeFoods Of websites… huge and you can find everything you’re looking for .. and its restocked daily

4. The ChalkBoard Mag

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One of the best online “magazines” you can find .. they also do a Guest Editor that has varied from Skin care gurus to Jamie Oliver … its the go to for current articles and superfood help .. its the kind of place you go just browsing and learn about 8000 new things

5. This Rawsome Vegan Life 

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This is Solely for Food Porn .. there is no one on earth who makes better healthier food alternatives than this girl .. nor anyone that photographs them better.. be prepared to dribble .. .loads



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I Recently started reading into and attempting the Ayurvedic Approach to health , which if you click the link I’ve already given you a run down of  the “Art Of Living”.. and a link to find your Dosha Type .. Which is actually a really fun little quiz so here it is again:


Below is the book I’ve been Reading which has the quiz in it .. and i’ve .. to the bewilderment of all my friends been subjecting them and grouping them into their Dosha Types .. and have actually become super quick at picking peoples before they do the test… so fortune teller I know.. the amazing thing has been how spot on they are .. right down to their food preferences and even what exercise of work environment they thrive in.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 13.05.58

These are the 3 Dosha’s .. which Ayurvedic medicine believes we are all comprised of however individually havegreater constitution of 1 primary type.. sometimes 2 (lucky!) .. and an imbalance in our bodies of the 3 doshas is the basis for all mental and physical problems , including disease and weight problems as well as depression

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 13.05.31

Im a typical Vata .. and recently have decided to follow the rules of my dosha type .. i must say it makes sense .. however I’m a vegan , sooooo its kinda hard when your Dosha type thrives of dairy and warm food .. so i’ve had to find alternatives , but whatever . it explains my former obsession for eating tubs of yogurt in the bath… now that i think about it .. that was depressingly Bridget Jone’s of me .. especially as it usually happened saturday nights , with Will & Grace playing on my laptop.. sometimes I do a mental mantra reminding myself i’m only 22 years old ..

But one amazing supplement the research i’ve been doing has turned me onto is ASHWAGANDHA .. yes is ass rapingly difficult to pronounce


“Ashwagandha, an exotic Indian herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. In addition to its excellent protective effects on the nervous system, ashwagandha may be a promising alternative treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwagandha has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals that have been implicated in aging and numerous disease states. Even more remarkable, emerging evidence suggests that ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits as well.” Source 

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 13.43.38

although its meant for VATA types (feeling a bit like this post sounds like im speaking a foreign language or have become a member of captain planet “earth,wind,fire.. what sign are you!”  ughh)

but Ashwaganda its shown to have amazing properties in the body .. no matter who you are . its worth a try .. especially if you have a high stress situation going on and has also shown to

  • normalizes levels of hydrocortisone,
  • causes the size of the adrenal glands to return to normal,
  • increases thyroid hormone levels,
  • decreases inflammatory cytokines,
  • decreases oxidizing agents that can trigger inflammation,
  • decreases brain chemicals associated with anxiety,
  • markedly improves stamina and energy, and
  • turns on and improves white blood cell function to fight infections.



and finally the last thing i will leave you with is this Documentary on Youtube About

Ayurvedic : The Art Of Being

*note there is a scene when they paralyse a goat by pushing some thing on its spine.. its kinda weird.. then the medicine man eats a ball of mercury .. and something i think was arsenic .. its all pretty strange .. also the strap and baby up and massage it .. ive made it sound like a SAW Film .. but its interesting so have a looky


I Stole this recipe from Kimberly Snyder’s Book The Beauty Detox Solution ..

therefore i am le thief .. whatever its delicious for the summer (if london ever gets a summer?!? what is going on with that )

its so simple .. and sounds like it wont work . but my goddddd


Watermelon Slush Smoothie

  • 1 small watermelon
  • 2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
  • Mint sprigs

Cut the watermelon into small chunks and freeze overnight. When fully frozen, blend the icy watermelon pieces and the almond milk in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with a few sprigs of mint. Enjoy!

SAY NO TO AGAVE… not a health food

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 21.56.14

we f*cked up .. with AGAVE.. sorry guys but its official .. this delicious golden syrup aint no health food its highly processed and has a high percentage fructose sugars.. its up there with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP .. woops that processed  sugar everyone is alway saying is killing us all and making our children hyper little c*nts …But seriously Fructose is the chain of sugar in fruit yes.. but it comes in minimal amounts in fruits .. coupled with fiber therefore is digested and released slowly and the bulk stops you from overeating .

 BUTTT when you condense it into a sweet syrup of high amounts of fructose its not good AGAVE IS ACTUALLY HIGHER IN FRUCTOSE THAN HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP with anywhere from 60-97 percent of it containing the fast acting sugars which cause weight gain , liver damage and inflammation .

 Dr.Joseph Mercola recently wrote an article on the issue stating ” Most agave “nectar” or agave “syrup” is nothing more than a laboratory-generated super-condensed fructose syrup, devoid of virtually all nutrient value, and offering you metabolic misfortune in its place.” … oh god

so put the squeeze-y bottles down . step away from the syrupy devil.

i apologise profusely for being the bearer of bad news .





Digestive Enzymes .. Life Changing Gut Stuff

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Digestive ENZYMES  are one of the most needed and most relevant supplements  today due to so much processing of food and the cooking of  foods .. which kills any naturally occurring enzymes.

but you’re probably like shut the f*ck up I take enough supplements .. but are those supplements being absorbed ??

basically the body needs to breakdown our food into the relevant nutrients

 : protein turns into amino acids, fats into cholesterol and fatty acids and sugars from carbohydrates . as well as the  vitamins and minerals .. among other things

so when you put that food in your tummy .. the little soldiers that divide those individual nutrients  Called DIGESTIVE ENZYMES (i know you’re picturing little cartoon men in your belly .. mine where blue.. odd colour choice?!)

march primarily out of your pancreas and small intestine

*some are produced via saliva and in the stomach

Now if we don’t have enough little Digestive Enzyme men

your nutrients wont be absorbed.. so basically eat all the vegetables and take all the vitamins you want .. but if you don’t have a good number of digestive enzymes… you are wasting money .. and a lot of unneeded jaw energy .

Symptoms you may not have a great digestive situation going on :

  • Bloating
  • Undigested Food (I don’t need to explain where to look for this do I?)
  • fatigue
  • mineral/ vitamin deficiencies despite adequate diets and supplements
  • feeling like you have a rock in your stomach
  • not “going” daily
  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • brittle hair
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cravings

So basically a lot screws up if your gut aint going its thang

thankfully all you need to go is buy a digestive enzyme .. sprinkle it on your food -not hot food as that will kill it.. yes picturing the men screaming and dying “im melllttinngg” ok moving on .. or just take a tablet before meals .. and make sure you have more RAW FOODS in your diet. it will literally change your life … its like perking up your entire body .. oh me oh my lovely little digesting men

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 16.17.13


this post makes it sound like most my information comes from the ‘Digestion’ Episode of The Magic School Bus ( what a show right?!?)



to juice not to juice .. Refinery29 you ask all the right questions


REFINERY29 is basically my online mindreader … every time a thought pops in my head .. about a week later im emailed the answer in the form of a Refinery Article … but HERE is a great one on whether Juice Fasting Is necessary or good . personally i love Green Juices


As an occasional detox, though, can’t a juice cleanse give your body a break? Actually, that’s not necessary, says Salge Blake. “Your body is so smart,” she says, “and thank goodness — because we oftentimes do silly things and don’t eat correctly. And that’s why we’re so grateful that our body is so smart and is able to adapt.” According to Salge Blake, the body’s organs and systems clean themselves— without the help of a juice cleanse. Giancoli agrees, saying, “There’s no need to do something like a detox. Our body does that on its own.”

More importantly, says Salge Blake, going on a juice cleanse isn’t a risk-free endeavor. She points to dangers in fully absorbing these programs and the nutrients they provide, as some don’t include enough protein to sustain a woman throughout the day. “You need a certain amount of dietary protein coming in to maintain your lean muscle mass,” she says. “If you don’t eat this protein, your body starts breaking down the protein you already have, to use it for things it really needs like red blood cells and the nervous system.” In addition, she says, this process could be potentially fouling up your metabolism — exactly the opposite of what many detox-ers are looking to accomplish.

Still, while juice cleanses have yet to receive unanimous support among nutritionists, doctors, and dietitians, the fever for detoxing shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re interested in committing to a three- or five-day plan, make sure you talk to your doctor about its nutrients and whether you need to supplement with a little caloric, protein, or fiber intake to make sure you get complete nutrition. Yes, it’s one extra step for those who want to do a cleanse — but what good is downing 20 pounds of veggies if it’s not helping your health?

Mental Mondays …you are not Eat, Pray, Love

5 reasons Why EAT, PRAY,LOVE will mess with your mental health


I adore this story .. the audio book , the film and the novel .. I literally adore this book like I adore a good friend.. comforting and warm , and something to call upon in your times of need . however the following reasons illustrate why its slightly unrealistic …and must always be read in a state of MENTAL STABILITY.. please


IT WILL EXASPERATE YOUR PROBLEMS .. because you want it to

we almost always pick up this book or watch the film because we’re in a confusing state of mind , it goes hand in hand with ice cream … I personally was amidst a break up / house move/ career f*ck up when I turned back to Eat Pray,Love … so we’ve (i have) already set ourselves up for failure .. I guarantee if you watch this film when your life is stable and happy the only reaction you will muster up will sound something like this …

 turns to perfect partner “hey we should plan a trip to (insert location)” 


“my god Julia Robert’s is beautiful” 


“you should read Eat Pray Love on the plane .. its a really easy chick lit ..”

 whereas anyone who’s life isn’t going particularly well will find themselves on the phone to their mother at 2am howling inaudibly that “maybe an ashram in india will help?”

or putting up Facebook updates that read.. Does anyone know of any cheap accommodation in Bali .. Pref secluded..

This book will make your already shaky foundation crumble to a fine dust



 The author Elizabeth Gilbert  had lived an entire life before this book .. I ,and assuming a lot of young people who have read it ,have not … when you reach thirty five and have had a successful career, marriage (somewhat) and hit the milestone life goals such as buying your own home… you have put in the hard work to warrant a breakdown , a second chance a fresh start .But every 20-something year old sitting on a beach in *insert asian location* who booked out of real life having not actually reached any milestones other than discovering meditation ..has not . thus you must avoid this book .. i almost think there should be an age limit .. 35years old +




if you read and purchased  this book it will only cost you about £10.00 MAX .. if you are spurred by this books story it will cost you ONE YEAR AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS . .. unless you have that money , just live vicariously through Elizabeth Gilbert.

*note* 90% of us would have run out of money after the Rome trip , and probably returned home 3 dress sizes bigger with a high school level of italian .. shittt




Eat,Pray , Love was written after Elizabeths Year-long self journey .. having already been a published writer she was given the opportunity to write about this year .arriving back from it .. brazilian babe in tow … had this trip been a horrific failure .. and she had

Not learnt a word of italian .. instead realising that languages were simply not her thing

gotten horrifically sick with an indian related poo illness and spent days at the ashram praying to her guru to plug up every leaky opening  in her body

or had ended up in bali lovelessly drowning her sorrows with a bunch of GAP year kids at some horrifically cheap bar in town

we would not have had the book .. or we would have had A book .. most likely called


my year of monumental F*ck Ups

 I truly believe some people are made to write, create, think up certain things and those things come organically from some sort of universal force (im sounding like the f*cking book) and always come to those people completely randomly , utilising them for their talents .. and i truly think this book came from somewhere like that .. so it cannot be recreated .. instead it was made and has served its purpose , trying to go on the same journey , will probably lead you to publishing STUPID,SICK,SAD .. so I will be suing you for stealing my title .



 because its far too easy to just follow someone else’s remedy  ..

 just like with diet and exercise and relationships .. what works for some doesn’t for others . this book will slightly make you think that her journey is a cure all of  any life problems you’re currently sloughing your way through . but if life were that easy , physiology students would be studying this thing at school .

just because you’re in a foreign country doesn’t mean your problems stayed where you left them .. depression , sadness and grief isn’t some fat little cat that sits at home waiting for you to arrive back to sit on your face and remind you of everything you thought you had forgotten …that little fatty catty is in your luggage .. nay its sitting in your pocket .

so you have to make your own journey … and sometimes it doesn’t require you to escape from life for a year .. sometimes it does.


in the film , they cast James Franco as David … we all know that no matter how depressed you are .. there aint no way you would leave James Franco to go sit in a smelly ashram .. in fact i’ll go as far as saying James Franco may possibly be the only non-medical cure for depression .

This book has an incredible capability to make you want to push for more in your life , to search and to meditate .. but sometimes you have to just get on with stuff .. sometimes self indulging in someone else’s spiritual journey isn’t productive … if you don’t believe me .. go on Facebook now.. locate that friend (we all have one) who booked out of life to live poor on a beach with dreads , whom although having thousands of beautiful photo’s you find them slightly pathetic when you actually see them .. and also unable to engage socially .. with anyone?!?! .. seriously . and really seriously , bless them but you don’t really want to get lost ..