Water Water Everywhere


I always knew the importance of water.. but im not going to lie .. i’ve been really nonchalant about it .. and basically assumed everything has water in it … so im good , im hydrated .. we’re cool . until people started telling me about this guy called and then i must admit .. i saw Rosie Huntington Whitely‘s instgram post on reading it and thought.. fuck if i could even get 1 millionth of her hotness tips in my life i’ll give you my first born child(son) i have big plans for my daughter …

 F. Batmanghelidj, M.D -Author Of :

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water

(you’re not sick you’re thirsty)

When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, Dr. Batmanghelidj was placed in the infamous Evin Prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months. It was there he discovered the healing powers of water. One night, Dr. B. had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain. With no medications at his disposal, Dr. B. gave him two glasses of water. Within eight minutes, his pain disappeared. He was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain free for his four remaining months in the prison. Dr. B. successfully treated 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone. While in prison he conducted extensive research into the medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases. Evin proved an ideal “stress laboratory,” and despite his being offered an earlier release, Dr. B. chose to stay an extra four months in prison to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease. The report of his findings was published as the editorial of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983. The New York Times Science Watch reported this discovery on June 21, 1983.





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