The Alkaline Diet & The Acid Trip … I Mean List


so everyone’s all like.. we must get alkaline.. acidic things are bad!! boo ..

and you all nod along thinking .. i understand the concept .. what the hell is acidic food and alkaline food? how am i supposed to know this shit?? i just learnt what Chia Seeds are and am looking into buying a juicer.. now i have to have a periodic table of foods and PH levels NOOOO .

dont worry i got your back

 .. so heres a chart .

P.s Thank God Breast Milk is alkaline ?!?!? WHAT … because if you’re reading this table .. you’re obviously not a baby (if you are .. its blowing my mind a baby is reading my blog) … therefore .. who the f*ck is consuming the breast milk ?? *shudder*


Read up on alkaline here :


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