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why say no to coffee?.. or at least cut down..

because dun dun dunnnnnn..

It inhibits the absorption of essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium and zinc, as well as B vitamins. (we slightly need those )

it jolts the body’s central nervous system.(not good)

it can exhaust the adrenal glands leading to chronic fatigue and weight gain .. dammit

increases cortisol (stress hormone) which makes yo’ tummy fat !! (abdominal hoarding is for squirrels and bears.. and things that hibernate)

dehydrates thus causing blockages .. ewww stagnant body

each cup of coffee contaicns 100-190 mg of caffeine

did you know  its been proven that the thought or smell of coffee is stimulating  just as much as actually consuming it ?

having kicked (some) coffee compared to my 8 cups a day.. i shit you not can be quite difficult just ruthlessly getting rid .. so instead of just eliminating it .. substitute it or at least that 2nd or 3rd cup for these alternatives .. you’ll “crowd-it-out” with better alternatives and wont even miss it .

Alternatives :

The Other Caffeines :

Black teas

with less than half (50mg)  the caffeine of a cup of coffee .

less chemicals involved in the processing .. and its not too weird healthy freakness of an order so you don’t feel strange and can still go to Starbuck’s

Green Tea ..Matcha Powder

high antioxidant levels .. some of which have shown ant ageing properties

 … it is actually derived from the same leaves as black tea , however leaves are steamed as opposed to fermemented

30mg Of Caffeine

and have you ever had a Matcha Tea Latte? .. I am about to blow your mind

mint-matcha-latte 31

Your Herbal Mates:

Yerba Mate

a type of south american Holly Plant (hi christmas ) is similar to tea however instead of caffeine it contains the stimulant xanthines which is less stressing on the body and with fewer side affects than caffeine (how many times will I say caffeine in the post?!?) it also contains theobromine the same stimulating feel good little beauty in CHOC-CO-LATE mmmm

Rooibos Tea

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 07.48.13

leaves from the African red bush it has immune-boosting properties

with an earthy taste

high level of antioxidants

assist with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems .. so basically counteracts everything coffee does to the body , YAY!

its amazing in this african blend …by yogi tea

The Upgrade From Coffee:


looks like coffee, smells coffee-ish .. is not coffee…

a powdered cereal drink made of roasted barley, rye and chicory.

prepared the same as you would a normal coffee , and is caffeine free

it tastes like a very sweet mild coffee .. smells caramel like and i think its delicious .

so far the best alternative to coffee

health wise it increases circulation and its full of antioxidants


chai tea latte

black tea  and cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper-all of which aid digestion and help circulation

and its f*cking delicious


The Superfood To Add To Your Life:

if you’re worried about your energy and alertness without coffee .. get some MACA in your LIfe

its a superfood and relative of the radish and has an odor similar to butterscotch and a taste of bitter butterscotch .. I don’t actually mind it .. some people don’t like it as it is strong .. but you can hide it well in most smoothies or coffee’s and juices .

Its been used for centuries as a remedy of “tired blood”  enhancing energy, stamina, athletic performance, memory and overall adrenal hormone health

filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins, tannins, complex alkaloids and other phytochemicals

plus Miranda Kerr swears by it … and she be babe’n

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