Yeah I’m plugging A Product .. Inika

ugh I hate this .. but I have to do it .. because I like it … the product plug


Recently I swapped my beautiful baby -Chanel Foundation to a NATURAL CHEMICAL FREE FOUNDATION .. dun dun dun .. cue me running around the wild with dangly armpit hair and burning sage . but nooo not like that .. I was just interested to see if I could find something just as good that was a bit more natural …

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 19.32.54

and I found INIKA (note the website looks like a very basic slightly dodge not luxurious thingy) but honest-to-jebus it is luxurious and decadent and matched  my Chanel point for point  ( blasphemy i know right)

it smells like .. nothing cream .. worst explanation ever .. but it just smells like clean.. is that a thing .. thats a thing now .

I haven’t thrown away chemical friends .. but I never wear them on a daily basis anymore .. and my skin looks amazing . truly .. vain .. yep

even if you don’t believe me its actually won a bunch of awards

anyway .. that was my plug of the day .



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