Epsom Salts (hydrated magnesium sulfate) .. what the what
firstly what is it ? 
magnesium sulphate (hydrated magnesium sulfate)
Magnesium being the second most abundant element in human cells , and is important in so many bodily functions like Energy production , muscle control , and most importantly elimination of toxic build up in the body. And Sulphate which is needed for the composition of joint proteins and the digestive intestinal walls as well as brain tissue.. heheh a head full of tissues
Low Magnesium has be shown too???
be closely related to Arhtritis, stress illness’ , chronic fatigue, body inflammation , water retention , stroke and general aches and pains
Can you just eat it ? 
mmm we used to get sufficient amounts from food , but due to industrialisation our soils  minerals have been depleted therefore it isnt as available naturally anymore. and the high intake of fat , salt and sugar actually depletes the bodies stores of magnesium ( youre not f*cked .. im getting to the bath bit )
Why bath in it ? 
it is actually sometimes hard to absorb both minerals in the stomach , especially when consumed with high calcium foods .. but bathing in it , it absorbs through the pores directly into your system and starts to work its detox magic straight away
soaking in the epsom salts has scientifically shown to “stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes ” and ” help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental contaminants.”
Whats it going to help me with  ? 
ease headaches
eliminate toxins 
relax the body 
improve intestinal tract ( yep poop) 
reduce the severity of diabetes , aids the body in using Insulin 
lower blood pressure 
flush excess water weight 
regulate electrolytes 
ease muscle pain 
overall reduction of inflammation
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 22.39.24
  • oh dont put too much in the bath .. i did this thinking it was going to be super relaxing.. and im a bit of an EXCESS HEALTH FREAK and i felt nauseous .. which if you’ve never felt sick in a bath let me tell you it is bizarre , youre all hot but you cant stand up because every things slippy and you’re like .. but the toilets just there .. anywayyyy

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