5 THINGS YOU DISCOVER TRAVELLING ..giants, naptastic and the @key

You Become A Giant/Everything Is Miniaturised 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.38.38
This is my all time favourite thing , plane food is in small alloted Tupperware like those segmented baby plates .. why 1 gulp servings of orange juice?.. why that wasn’t refreshing at all, in fact im more thirsty now then before – ive had the taste for juice , like the kill .. (this is about the time every steward/stewardess disappears)
Milk is measured in thimbles , sodas suddenly get dwarfed .
At the airport they scale down magazines , which has just reminded me i need to dress a small child as an adult and have her read baby edition of VOGUE .
Hotels are  fitted out with the most pointless 3 sip teacups and what about the tiny pencils ..
travelling BFG style
It Becomes Acceptable Nay Essential To Sleep At All Times
 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.43.49
You justify bus/train/plane/ reception lobby naps as a way to store constant energy because “you’re going to need it , travelling really takes its toll” when we all know you’re sleeping more than you would on a sick day at home and you’re most likely just walking around/shopping/taking photos and feeling blissful.
but you NEED travel naps , because there is no alternative when in transit ..disregard the & novels you packed that you would power through .. not
When You Find Something From Your Own Country In A Foreign One , You’re Like OHMAGAWD !
 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.45.56
I don’t know if anyone else does this but every time I go to a foreign supermarket and find a familiar product on the shelves I give said product more attention and giggly excitement then I would when I see it in the shops at home..
what is that?
usually i’ll walk straight past but suddenly in an unfamiliar setting its amazing..
“holy sh*t guys they have hobnobs, i dont even eat them but they have them !”
australians do this a lot for Vegemite +Milo .. basically anything , they’re a very vocal nationality
The “@” Key Suddenly Moves To An Invisible Location On Every Foreign Keyboard 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.42.16
And you spend too long scanning the letters/numbers thinking.. maybe they dont have an @ key? .. do they use email here?.. its italy of course they do … but HOOWWWW!
and then you end up doing weird extreme finger stretching .. let me just see if i hold down SHIFT with pinky – whilst other hand pinky holds down TAB then use over-extended pointer fingers to try every number at top of keyword . only to copy and paste the “@” sign from your own email address. NOTE: in croatia and romania its honestly easier to find Narnia
Everything Must Be Tasted 
Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.47.48
This is not actually for me (i have a severe fear of street food/unusual food) but i have friends and family members that will embark on a foreign trip as if a World Eating Tour and suddenly need to ingest everything . 
Even if they dont like the actual food ingredient , they assume in a different country the olives you’ve always hated turn into delectable morsels of culinary heaven.
its like food amnesia ..
You :”Why are you eating that ?? you hate (insert hated food here) !”
Food Champion Friend: “yeh , but ive never tried it in India !”
*Mouth Vomit*
Food Champion Friend: “yep , still hate it .. NEXT!”
The Over-Stuff is never more prevalent then when overseas . 

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