what the FUDGE is kombucha?

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 17.42.54

Kombucha is a fermented tea .. sometimes called Mushroom tea.. dont screw up your face like that . yes it is moldy tea technically..but im a sucker for a health fad so i tried it for you .. I actually first popped my kombucha cherry Aus with my brother who kept claiming “its like a healthy beer” I dont know why he was selling it to me like this.. as a healthy beer to me is like … no beer . anyway my whole family (hippy freaks) were drinking it at dinner and had been for over 6months (thanks for telling me )

And I must admit my first sip was of a plain unflavoured Kombucha and it tasted like if you sucked in the burp of someone who’d just drunk really cheap beer. OVER IT .

But i recently came back to it .. and realised like getting your first wax.. you vow never to do it again and google “feminism and body hair” only to head back monthly regardless of the initial bad experience .

 Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 17.45.12

so here are the facts

its tastes , sour , bubbly (more of a feel?!) , beer-ish , refreshing

it is addictive

its said to detox the body

loaded with enzymes and bacterial acids

its high levels of glucaric acid helps prevent cancer

Glucosamines preventive and treatment all forms of arthritis

 its highly “alive” fermentation enzymes facilitate fighting candida which helps in overall energy ,  mental clarity and mood stability

anti-oxidant rich (supertea?)

loads of commercial brands have jumped on the kombucha madness .. however Gavins Rose is my favourite .. its a bit wine-ish and his daughter drew the label. hashtag awesome . because everything’s little girls draw are pink and involve fairies .. even moldy tea


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