Model Come Raw Foody Lets us Know Her Secrets ( Interview with Alex Glenday)


You know that ol’ saying Never trust a (skinny) i say fat chef … I always think that when people give me advice on nutrition or beauty tips .. and they look hmm how to put this politely a little less of what I would like to look like (its hard to sound succinct when you just want to say sh*t hey!)

However when i meet someone beautiful and radiant i literally want to climb inside them and find out everything they do , eat and rub on themselves.

This goes for Alex Glenday -Model, Raw Foodist , photographer , traveller .. somewhat entrepreneur .. this list could go on for a while . She’s walked for the likes of Paul Smith and Julien Macdonald and you’ve probably dribbled over her editorials in magazines …

But you cant disregard the facts , she’s beautiful and talented and full of energy .. because how the F8ck is she doing it all ? I found out what she does, her secrets (YHUSSS!!) and inspirations

What do you do? & what lead you to doing it?

I am busy with a couple of projects at the moment. I like to categorize those under two different fabulous f’s- the one is food the other fashion.  In fashion, I have reached my tenth year of modeling, a decade long journey that has taken me round the world, Asia, Europe, Africa and America and left with me with a little suitcase of essentials which I will get to later… more recently I have been dabbling deeper into photography.  After living in New York last year I returned to the summer in Cape Town South Africa, where I grew up, to start some new chapters in my life.  Here is my first published editorial: (

I have been working with the brilliant photographer, Ulrich Knoblach on a book that he is making, as his illustrator, painting naked ladies frolicking around South African Landscapes in gentle watercolors.


Food has been the most capacitating thing as a model, who must be in good shape.  An unending development which has left me with some simple solutions to energy and indulgent satisfaction.  I have wanted to share my discoveries with all my loved ones and now anyone who will care to taste creations I have made.  I started a raw food and yoga detox retreat, the ‘RAWreTREAT’ ( on a fruit farm in South Africa with a childhood friend.  This is on hold as the winter months close in, and a new business venture in the form of ridiculously delicious fine dining pop up dinners has resulted:  ‘Forage To Feast’, focusing on organic, wild and local foods that are perfectly combined, into delectable dishes.   Dinner parties in awesome locations with good live music, have a look at the concept here: (  I am also in the process of launching a company with my organizationally savvy sister, to bring Kombucha to the main stream market in South Africa and potentially for export in the future (

What’s your healthy little secret?

You should combine your food perfectly! Of course it helps to eat all the right things, but if you get them in the wrong combinations, you create a digestive backlog which leads to a build up of waste and how can you be purely beautiful if you aren’t clean? Also don’t be scared of the right fats, they are great for skin and hair and mobilize bad fats and make them move on out! That is the best secret in terms of losing weight. An Avocado a day is great! – Just make bloody sure you combine properly. Look at the helpful food combining chart which Beth posted before, to see what I mean.


What blogs or websites do you love?

Detox the world (

Katherine Ung (

Marks daily apple ( )

Raw for beauty (

Who’s your female inspiration and why?

American Nutritionist, Natalia Rose is definitely my health inspiration.  Her book the RAW FOOD DETOX DIET was introduced to me in 2010 by a fellow model in Paris.  She has really changed the way I live my life and has in turn changed the thoughts of so many people that I know.  She is logical and clear. A guru.



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