Honestly Healthy An Excerpt From Natasha Corrett Alkaline chef

Natasha corrett wrote Honestly Healthy -Eat With Your Body In Mind The Alkaline Way with her Expert nutritionist Godmother Vicki Edgson , it was a how-to guide to eliminating acid in the body and recipe book that encouraged balanced PH levels , thus promoting optimal health all whilst being delicious !

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 18.17.19

Above: Natasha & honestly Healthy Hardcover

Lemon (neutralising)

And Milk (acid forming)

visual demonstration of the WTF facts you will learn in said book

her company Honestly Healthy Food has an ingenious “fridge fill” delivery service already garnering media attention with its celeb following , the books success was going to be a no brainer .. and then Posh aka Victoria Beckham tweeted her support (GAME CHANGER!!) and everyone was going Bat SH*T mental for it ..

if you toss aside all fashionably glossy stuff.. its an approach to health (as opposed to DIET) that actually scientifically benefits the body . anyway i interviewed her and smuggled like a squirrel a few questions away for DFH (i just abbreviated my own blog.. thats how serious this is getting)

P.s dont flip out but .. shh just quietly her next book comes out soon 

What is your healthy little secret?

Drinking greens and water all day keeps you really hydrated

Sum up your nutrition and health values in 5 words?

Eat as close to nature intended (6 words!)

Beauty go-tos (products, regimes everything)? 

I’m a REN skincare snob i can’t use anything else! – a year ago i starting using them and will never look back – its completley balanced my skin, especially for me being in the kitchen all the time i need to look after it.

My two favorite products are the Glycolactic face mask which gets you looking radiant in literally 10 minutes i use it every sunday night with the detox mask – it makes me new again 🙂 and the Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Cream is like velvet perfect for the harsh uk weather.

Coconut water to keep hydrated!  Beauty comes from the inside out! I like Jaxcoco

If I opened your fridge now, what would you be most proud of and what would you be most embarrassed by?

I would be most embarrassed by some moldy vegetables at the bottom and old bircher muesli – i can’t bring myself to throw food away so even i don’t eat it it sits in there – maybe im just lazy!Probably most proud of is my new invention of raw coconut fudge for the next book!

Best advice you have ever been given?

If you are passionate about what you do then the rest will follow – my mother has always instilled this into me from a young age.



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