Handbag diary .. what baggage do i carry .. literally

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 15.29.34

i was going packing my bag this morning , which is literally like packing for a weekend trip and thought i would document some tings.. so here we go !

1. stevia liquid – my baby , to sweeten tea/ everything i have  not only a sweet tooth but a sweet body (no not in a sexy way) so i dont reach for sugar or the devil aka aspartame based sweetners

2. a hippy dippy crystal selection (forgive me but theyre my lucky charms)

3. MISO SOUP packets by KING SOBA  .. in case i get hungry and cant leave somewhere or cant find anything healthy

4.Coco Island paw paw ointment with bioactive manuka honey – my go to for cuts, lips , burns or just moisture – natural 8 hour cream

5.Trilogy Vital moisturising cream – rosehip, marula oils and loads of natural non greasy goodness

6.B12 supplements .. i take them in the afternoon with lunch for some energy

7. Clean Perfume – smells of a COTTON T-SHIRT literally .. makes you feel clean (no Sh*t)

8.Absolute Aromas Essential Oil in DAYBREAK – lemon , bitter orange , tangerine and jasmin .. it freshens any room and i smell it when i feel a little cloudy

*the blue thing is a KAWAII ipad case , which makes absolutely no sense in english and has a character called Pony Brown on it .. who knows .. i love her



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