Slick Stuff : Fish Oil VS Udo’s Oil

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.51.17


we’ve all heard of them .. or fish oil supplements *gag*

i had a feeling i wasnt getting enough of them due to an anti fish diet and not too nutty about nuts (plus you have to eat a butt load of walnuts to get adequate amounts )

So why do we need them .. and why they needn’t (thank jebus)  come from fish

1. the body cant produce them itself .. poor body

2.the brain is made largely of fatty acids- therefore its literally feeding your brain grapes 

3.needed component in cell membranes 

4. overall immune health 

5.prevent allergies

6. needed by the adrenal glands tissues (weight control and energy) and recently have been found to block genes that produce fat in the body 

7.beautiful hair , nails, skin – its the first sign youre deficient , when everything starts to go a bit .. scaly (woo puns are fun) and has proven to clear eczema and psoriasis 

so it does pretty much everything ..

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.46.10

i came across an article HERE that has some home truths about the fishy stuff .. and why its not so good as seed based oils.. yay

ive recently started taking Udo’s Oil Blend .. and i have to admit .. that cloudy feeling aint so cloudy

derived from primrose oil, wheat germ and flax it tastes of nothing

and you dont do those fishy burps hooorah


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