Excerpt From An Interview With S.W Basics Founder ADINA!!

ImageBROOKLYN based beauty maverick Adina Grigore … had sensitive skin .. so thought F*@*ck this chemical riddled skincare products with more unpronounceable words than your first russian language class ( trust me i’ve done them) and set out to make her own . She did , and she did it brilliantly , In Vogue – literally , her once small business is growing . And with a little karma on her side because the products are locally sourced 100% organic and natural and a maximum of FIVE ingredients on the labels .

She very kindly let me press her on some random questions , heres a tiny excerpt

If you could choose one ingredient you had in unlimited supplies (e.g a fountain of olive oil! a restocking fridge full of coconuts!) what would it be and why ? 

For skincare it would actually be clay. You can use it everywhere! But for a crossover it would have to be sea salt, we fly through sea salt in our house! Great for all cooking and baths and break outs! And even toothpaste.

see she’s not just beauty she’s brains and full of handy tips 

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