Easter Chocolate…. A little less guilty

 choc-co-late mmmmmmmm


So easter is coming and everyones like CHOCOLATE!!!! *devil eyes included*

and then you arrive back after the long weekend .. and think jesus (how fitting) i ate more chocolate than the weight of all the children in the easter egg hunt combined .

lucking The Rawtarian (great site) gives us a Raw Chocolate ( dont run its good) that is so easy to make . And you can feel a little less guilty for making it ..plus it has the simplest ingredients list on earth :


coconut oil : great for skin, and tummy bloating (thank F*&CK) and lowers cholesterol

Raw Cacao: antioxidant rich , increases serotonin (happy head)

Agave: low GI sugar substitute , no sugar rush so you wont be asleep underneath a pile of easter egg foil wondering why you cant stand up when all you’ve done is hide eggs in obvious places all day ( why dont we make easter egg hunts more difficult for children?.. its good for them to learn that something under a table including themselves does not mean invisible)



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