L-Glutamine (amino acid) has been a health word i’ve been hearing a lot about recently . and i love any natural forming health supplement , so when googling and saw a bunch of body builder forum threads .. and thought this isnt for me.a few weeks later DR LIPMAN mentioned it as well .. and Kevin Bacon loves him so i was like .hollow man. yeh i need to figure this out , so as your personal guinea pig i tried it ..


so the benefits.. there are loads : 

its an amino acid (building blocks of your body!)

allows for greater muscle definition as it draws oxygen to them , thus weight loss and better cardio vascular fitness and recovery (thats why the body builders love it i guess)

gastrointestinal health , similarly to probiotics it makes your gut good (scientific


stops sugar cravings (i can sing its sweet praises for this as a former Sugar Monster)

helps depression(i link this to decreased sugar= less depression)

QUITTING ADDICTIONS ! along with sugar its great for all kinds addictions, used it rehab because it helps the overall function of your brain.

increases white blood cells so you fight infections and inflammation faster (which is why its given to cancer patients undergoing chemo)

l-glutamine .. what a guy .. so charming.. good at everything

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 00.15.22

these i felt important and the list does  go on . if i could endorse it like celebs do in those MILK ads i would .. a sand pit full of L-Glutamine and a cheesy grin .. which reminds me GET THE POWDER FORM .. 1 teaspoon a day .

just try it and tell me x



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