ive recovered from the flu .. it took a good 38 hours .. but usually it takes me about a week .. i owe it to these little rascals :

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 17.35.02

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : just drink shots.. everyones always attempts to make a sweet tea.. apple cider smells like feet and will always taste bad when not on salad BUT it akalines the body and has lots of potassium for all the sweating you’re doing from your fever and starts healing tickly throats

PINEAPPLE: sore throat king has bromelain in it a powerful enzyme that tests have shown to be better than medical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory’s so will ease your throat and soothe your sinus’

GINGER : its an obvious one all round good guy for your immunity .. one tip is to have it as raw as possible.. even though everyone puts it in tea its actually better in a juice because of the enzymes that break down in boiling water

GARLIC: is your friend i ate 2 .. yes 2 (i could kill a vampire from a mile away) garlic BULBS !! not cloves BULBS its a blood thinner aka natural aspirin so will help headaches . stimulates the immune system and is a very powerful man repeller.. i mean nasal decongestant

I NEARLY FORGOT COCONUT WATER!!!! because you must keep hydrated and sometimes water is boring .. plus all the other stuff its good for .. and if you sit near a radiator and close your eyes you can sometimes pretend youre on a tropical island .. sipping coconuts

i know its all quite obvious .. i was desperate to make a little dancing man out of that bulb of ginger .. so im being self indulgent . bye bye flu xx


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