it takes 28 days to form/break a habit .. no 21 .. wait 66?

Ive always touted “it takes 28 days to form a habit” mantra , i think this came about because i read that it takes 28 days for cells to renew themselves.. which our body is constantly doing (thank god!) however i for  once decided to look into the actual research of my apparent “fact” and found that  everyone else was proclaiming  21 days. woopsie . this is due to a 1960’s (i was not alive at this time so i can be excused) study in which plastic surgeon patients were monitored by the number of days it took them to Accept their “new face” – quotation marks make me seem sarcastic . anyway that seemed slightly archaic to base your lifestyle change success to .. a bunch of people who managed to not looked surprised (could they even?) when staring at their altered faces in a mirror . and certainly not concrete enough to get one through quitting smoking, drinking or starting exercise .

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 15.57.40

Thankfully UCL had the same questions as i did .. and conducted a study implementing habits into peoples lives.. as simple as drinking water after breakfast …. and ta dah.. the  average was 66 days !! i know youre all like WTF! i cant last 66 days.. but perhaps this sheds light on why after january is over and we feel we have mastered our 21-28 days we always relapse …

it also determined .. just like everything in life its relative and some people just easily implement new changes into their lives with ease, whereas others cant even remember to take a daily vitamin ( hi boyfriend!)

so its time for me to pipe down with my advice i think .


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