OIl For Oily SKIN !?!?!?!

i have always had oily skin (thank you eastern european mother ) and i’ve always run a mile from any greasy oily products .. however my skin was really oily (so hot) and i decided to look into oils (because im a masochist??) no because i overheard that JOJOBA oil not just fun to say but also mimics skins own natural Sebum qualities and stops your body from over producing greasy acne making oil . its seems unfathomable that you should do the opposite of drying up oil – but this in fact makes your body produce MORE OIL !! (how many times can i say oil?) and because you have dried your skin so much it blocks the pores and alas you are left with ACNE bluerghh

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 13.13.05

So i have been making my own jojoba cleanser with Jojoba Oil base , Rose oil , ylang ylang and Argan oil .. and my skin has never been better


Heres a Great source for all things jo-jo-ba (monkey voice) :



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