Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

firstly this is the easiest most effective skin brightening toner and or mini face mask (just add greater amounts of honey for a mask

Quarter Cup apple cider vinegar
Juice of one lemon
Teaspoon of RAW honey (add 2 tablespoons for a mask)

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : is an antiseptic so great if you’ve been picking at spots! (naughty) it alkalises the Ph level of your skin and firms up your dermis ( i cant say skin again or i’ll have said it every sentence.. writing is hard!) because of its tonic properties to draw blood to the skins (dammit) surface . great for ACNE

RAW HONEY: has alpha-hydroxy which naturally exfoliates the skin (minus any scrubbing) its healing (wound care) because its anti inflammatory so again great for acne or spots

LEMON: lemons are the best .. just the best it gets rid of blackheads . don’t leave this mask on for more than 20 mins .. lemons lighten scars and skin blemishes but also skin .. im not saying you’ll get that skin thing michael jackson had (or did he?) … but you may lose your tan (if you have one, if not , get some Vitamin D man!!) . it is also full of vitamins .. but im sceptical our skin eats vitamins.. now im just picturing pores with little mouths


combined slather on face , chill out .
i’ve actually just done this and I’m currently watching a drunk man yelling the C-word on the street outside my window and proclaiming to have “FINALLY MADE IT!” good for him , and good for you if you make this!! xx



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