i told you i was right about kimchi ..

a few post ago i talked about the fact that everyone is mental for KIMCHI .. and now heres a health reason why courtesy of prevention.. 




A very Juicy story

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 13.30.45

Recently for a publication I interviewed Plenish Cleanse creator formerly of Mens Vogue & Traveller mag (yes i want/need her advice )


(remember this name)

Plenish is a juice based detox delivery cleanse .. that is delicious

The witty and stylish designed program with THREE crafted packages to choose from

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 13.54.44

its the brain child of Kara , who discovered the value of nutrition and mainly juice whilst living in new york (who knows more about juice than a NEW YORKER)

it sets itself apart because its not a hippy dippy program – its made for career busy ,hard working types who aesthetically appreciate the trendier things in life – like Kara herself

Not just a business its MAG section on the site supplies you with knowledge of Fitness, Wellness and Recipes all supplied by leading health and nutrition experts (hi! non londoners!). so bookmark this my healthy bunnies .. because you’ll be going back constantly .

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 14.10.29

also did i mention the cashew milk ?! with vanilla , dates and agave (stop dribbling)



beyonce cookies, tiger plates & snickerdoodle perfume .. its tuesday .. we’re bored

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 08.02.02



Sweetness Of The Day .. Stella McCartney

stella mccartneys site has a special little thing on it for easter .

a Mr potato head style EGG DECORATOR .

so sweet .. i made this guy .. i imagine he’d go down well at a dinner party.. so suave and smug


Sir Errol Poppycock

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 17.48.30


Easter Chocolate…. A little less guilty

 choc-co-late mmmmmmmm


So easter is coming and everyones like CHOCOLATE!!!! *devil eyes included*

and then you arrive back after the long weekend .. and think jesus (how fitting) i ate more chocolate than the weight of all the children in the easter egg hunt combined .

lucking The Rawtarian (great site) gives us a Raw Chocolate ( dont run its good) that is so easy to make . And you can feel a little less guilty for making it ..plus it has the simplest ingredients list on earth :


coconut oil : great for skin, and tummy bloating (thank F*&CK) and lowers cholesterol

Raw Cacao: antioxidant rich , increases serotonin (happy head)

Agave: low GI sugar substitute , no sugar rush so you wont be asleep underneath a pile of easter egg foil wondering why you cant stand up when all you’ve done is hide eggs in obvious places all day ( why dont we make easter egg hunts more difficult for children?.. its good for them to learn that something under a table including themselves does not mean invisible)


Excerpt From An Interview With S.W Basics Founder ADINA!!

ImageBROOKLYN based beauty maverick Adina Grigore … had sensitive skin .. so thought F*@*ck this chemical riddled skincare products with more unpronounceable words than your first russian language class ( trust me i’ve done them) and set out to make her own . She did , and she did it brilliantly , In Vogue – literally , her once small business is growing . And with a little karma on her side because the products are locally sourced 100% organic and natural and a maximum of FIVE ingredients on the labels .

She very kindly let me press her on some random questions , heres a tiny excerpt

If you could choose one ingredient you had in unlimited supplies (e.g a fountain of olive oil! a restocking fridge full of coconuts!) what would it be and why ? 

For skincare it would actually be clay. You can use it everywhere! But for a crossover it would have to be sea salt, we fly through sea salt in our house! Great for all cooking and baths and break outs! And even toothpaste.

see she’s not just beauty she’s brains and full of handy tips 

2013 Food Trends..including HELLO FRESH…POPCORN …and other nutty things

i went to the VITALITY show in earls court .. an exhibit on everything health and beauty .. and its a great new platform for up and coming brands .. so i decided to do a blog post about whats the new hot things in healthy food trends ..



everyones gone mental for it .. gourmet popcorn .. bye bye crisps Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 15.14.48




this korean pickled cabbage sour beauty has become a phenomenon in New York .. and everyones always a bit behind new york .. so get spicy .. also the benefits of fermented foods are just coming to light , hence its new found popularity



the superfood that is BAOBAB (powders)

“contains six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and plenty of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and antioxidants.”

forbes , huffington post, every health blog is talking about it .. and it is delicious

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.03.01



Raw bars

they’re here to stay .. and grow .. everyones jumping on board alkalising raw food diets .. and they F**(@cking delicious with spirulina raw cacao , nuts , fruits and super-foods whats not to love , especially considering they’re more available and easy to carry in your bag

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.05.09



Milk alternatives

koko milk, almond milk, oat milk , rice milk … no longer do us non-dairy’s have to sip on boring soy .. with so many benefits , in fear of referencing craig david (where is he?!?) whats your flavour?

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.02.39



Food delivery

none as smart as HELLO FRESH .


you pick meals from the menu .. it gathers the ingredients and sends them to you (along with the how-to’s)  .. so its home cooking without the ball ache of going shopping or not being able to find ingredients .. so smart .. so smart i wish i’d come up with it !

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 20.25.36

honestly there is so many more .. but i have to go watch a documentary about a female killer with a friend.. what a saturday night .. if only i had enough money to buy stocks in all these products.. *sigh*

I didn’t know you existed, COconut water 2.0

coconut water .. everyone loves it .. but sometimes its too expensive or impossible to come by.. did you know they now have it freeze dried! freeze dried .. so it contains all the nutrients of bottled coconut water but easier to store.. and can be added by the spoonful to smoothies and water and recipes ect . i want to dip my fingers in it!


Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 15.49.22

buy it heree

Random Fact Of The Day

Slaughter houses will add Artificial Sugars (aspartame)to animal feed , because just like in humans it mimics sugar in the body .. which tricks the body into releasing insulin,  which results in hunger.. which means eating … which makes fatty animals .. and fatty cow peoples

so maybe not so good

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 23.44.37

Why Women Are Mental .. i Mean different

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 18.35.04

Every generation has a version of Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus .. and we now have ours.

Daniel. G. Amen (can i just say .. what a name!)

has done the biggest brain study on the difference between men and women and published the findings in a book entitled Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain (personally i would have gone with Scientific Proof Females Are Smarter but whatevs)

REFINERY29.com had a look at it here 

with information like :

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 18.22.39

only a man would need scientific proof of this.. ladies have known it all along

so no need to feel crazy ladies.. sometimes our brains are just too big .. but britney was crazy .. she really was … Amen

random thing of the day :TEA TIME


this is for the londoners .. because we love tea .. there is a woman driving around in a 1974 Citroen H van bringing us tea its called Good & Proper Tea and its a good and proper idea . serving crumpets and different loose leaf tea blends . its too cute to be true . there website isn’t up yet .. i think its because its only just begun ….so long burger vans ! 


Whip it Whip it real good..

moisturisers can be greasy and sloppy and expensive .. so i decided to make my own .. and considering i am nay good at cooking .. i needed something easy and simple .

I LOVE COCONUTS .. but the oil is hard to manage as most of it drips all over the floor and then when it solidifies and you try and claw at it most of it pings around the room or you end up punching the bottom of the jar .. so i give you hand friendly coconut WHIPPED oil moisturiser

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.33.48ingredients :

cold coconut oil

blend it for a few minutes on high till it turns into soft buttery goodness .. add essential oils or scents and keep in a cool place.. just re-blend if it gets sad and melty . you are welcome xx

HERE read about how good coconut oil is for your skin courtesy of The Huffington Post


Sweetness Of The Day.. Sugarcube Factory

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.17.50i fell upon this site.. and felt my heart turn into a fury beanie baby .. its a site where you send anonymous kind words “sugar cubes” which are received by random people in random places .. just to brighten up their day , and you receive them too ..

its so sweet. so spread some love.. and some wisdom!



Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.26.49


L-Glutamine (amino acid) has been a health word i’ve been hearing a lot about recently . and i love any natural forming health supplement , so when googling and saw a bunch of body builder forum threads .. and thought this isnt for me.a few weeks later DR LIPMAN mentioned it as well .. and Kevin Bacon loves him so i was like .hollow man. yeh i need to figure this out , so as your personal guinea pig i tried it ..


so the benefits.. there are loads : 

its an amino acid (building blocks of your body!)

allows for greater muscle definition as it draws oxygen to them , thus weight loss and better cardio vascular fitness and recovery (thats why the body builders love it i guess)

gastrointestinal health , similarly to probiotics it makes your gut good (scientific


stops sugar cravings (i can sing its sweet praises for this as a former Sugar Monster)

helps depression(i link this to decreased sugar= less depression)

QUITTING ADDICTIONS ! along with sugar its great for all kinds addictions, used it rehab because it helps the overall function of your brain.

increases white blood cells so you fight infections and inflammation faster (which is why its given to cancer patients undergoing chemo)

l-glutamine .. what a guy .. so charming.. good at everything

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 00.15.22

these i felt important and the list does  go on . if i could endorse it like celebs do in those MILK ads i would .. a sand pit full of L-Glutamine and a cheesy grin .. which reminds me GET THE POWDER FORM .. 1 teaspoon a day .

just try it and tell me x


get your ZZZZZ

ive just learnt that our Sleep cycles (1.5 hours) dictate how good we feel when we wake .. and it actually has little to do with your 8 hours a night .. which explains why some people need 12 hours others 4(yes these freak exist) and also explains why you can sleep for 9 hours but waking up at the wrong time can make getting out of bed impossible .





ive recovered from the flu .. it took a good 38 hours .. but usually it takes me about a week .. i owe it to these little rascals :

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 17.35.02

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : just drink shots.. everyones always attempts to make a sweet tea.. apple cider smells like feet and will always taste bad when not on salad BUT it akalines the body and has lots of potassium for all the sweating you’re doing from your fever and starts healing tickly throats

PINEAPPLE: sore throat king has bromelain in it a powerful enzyme that tests have shown to be better than medical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory’s so will ease your throat and soothe your sinus’

GINGER : its an obvious one all round good guy for your immunity .. one tip is to have it as raw as possible.. even though everyone puts it in tea its actually better in a juice because of the enzymes that break down in boiling water

GARLIC: is your friend i ate 2 .. yes 2 (i could kill a vampire from a mile away) garlic BULBS !! not cloves BULBS its a blood thinner aka natural aspirin so will help headaches . stimulates the immune system and is a very powerful man repeller.. i mean nasal decongestant

I NEARLY FORGOT COCONUT WATER!!!! because you must keep hydrated and sometimes water is boring .. plus all the other stuff its good for .. and if you sit near a radiator and close your eyes you can sometimes pretend youre on a tropical island .. sipping coconuts

i know its all quite obvious .. i was desperate to make a little dancing man out of that bulb of ginger .. so im being self indulgent . bye bye flu xx


its wednesday and everyone is like ..oh my god .. what is my life … so here is 10 things that will get you through today .

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 09.10.53

1.  if you watch THIS clip you will for once know how to put a baby chicken to sleep (people will think you are a wizard or Captain Planet if you do this )

2. EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE: whether its your weight, relationship , living arrangements or mental clarity , it has the ability to shift quickly and for the long haul if you actually want it too . we spend too much time in our heads being like “NOOOO ITS ALL OVER!!” but sometimes our brain is not our friend (do you have an image of a brain with googly eyes on it ? me too.. maybe i’ll post a picture in here for those people without visual minds)

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 09.16.57

3. whenever you feel bad about your life remember that girl who burnt her hair with the straightening Iron (damn girl!)

4. St Johns Wood Supplements And Vitamin D are natural mood boosters

5.something simple + something natural = SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL


simple jello .. plus a rose … you can make this and people will be like .. oh mah gawd you’re so talented .. and you’ll be like .. i know

6. its is ok to be in hibernation – people have this weird thing of assuming you’re either depressed or sadistic if you’re wanting to spend time alone or doing your own thing.. when will people realise you can be doing self reflection and most likely something creative instead of imagining you peeing in jars,collecting soft toys and immediately drawing the blinds when people on the street look up at you window and scurry like gollum into the darkness. alone time is fine.. in fact good


7.flowers & candles: this one is because i’ve done my own study of the ability of flowers and candles to make you happy.. in that my happiest friend has more candles and flowers than a gift shop . so buy them be happy

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 08.49.04

8. if ever a reason to keep on keep’n on its the fact that there are 15 fruits you’ve never seen let alone tried .. 15 jeeesus ! and one “smell’s of gym socks” greaatt

9.chocolate is a superfood mood enhancer … not the ooey gooey cadbury/hershey things we’ve been brought up on but the au natural cocoa .. which is actually 1. more potent 2. delicious (http://www.medicinehunter.com/cocoa-health-miracle)

10. still feel horrible … i give you this as a parting gift Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 09.02.29