Everyone is always touting the new “superfood”

And i love trying i will relentlessly search for chia seeds to purple kale until my legs ache.

So I picked up Bee Pollen as it had been the one I was most baffled by and therefore never tried .. initially I was like .. this is weird I’m eating little balls made by insects .

But i had a spoon and it was so delicious i stopped thinking about the logistics of it and just enjoyed chewing on its honey sweetness .
the hours that followed i felt so energised, and ive been likened to a sloth on many occasions so this was unusual.. i was buzzing (pun intended)

So heres the facts

-higher percentage of protein that meat, eggs, fish and dairy (basically more than anything ever)
-selenium- mineral used to slow down ageing and make skin glow (BEE-utiful)
-thyroid supporting amino acids
-glutamic acid – imperative for mental function
-remedy for eczema

the list is actually so long and the research vast . regardless its delicious bzzzzzzzzz

(avoid if you have allergies and hay fever sensitivities)


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