Bathroom Cabinet LOOK BOOK

One of my all time favourite websites does an amazing segment called REFRIGERATOR LOOK BOOK which i adore and you should look at it , there is some inherent instinct in us to NEED to look in other peoples fridges … 

So I thought where else do I like to look ?!

Aaaaaand I’m about to scare anyone I know who has kindly let me into their homes reading this … but i love looking through your bathroom cabinets … woops oh well .

So if only for some karma rebalance here is mine, which I’m annoying holier-than-thou about due to the fact I have purged all non-organic cosmetics and become chemical free.. don’t feel bad (but secretly I want you to ) 



WELEDA plant based toothpaste

CRYSTAL ESSENCE Pomegranate deodorant 




TRILOGY face care rose hip moisturiser

LOVEA argan oil, shampoo and conditioner (I love this brand)

HAAROL OIL (i found this in stockholm , its an Ayurveda sesame oil meant for hair but i cleanse my face with it too)



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