after months and months of mind splitting headaches i came to the conclusion i must have some strange food allergy .. to everything .. so i decided to do a removal and reintroduction test with everything i consume or put on myself (perfume etc) and concluded it must be the GUM! i was chewing all day… then the pieces came together , i use to get the same headache and face swelling when i was out and had a drink (my drink of choice was always diet coke and vodka) .. ASPARTAME and SORBITOL are the two ingredients in common with diet drinks and chewing gum .. they’re artificial sweeteners , and after a little research ive come to find that its actually a very common allergy or intolerance to have and very frustrating as you dont tend to believe you can be allergic to gum . anyway if any one else is getting massive migraines try eliminating these sweeteners . heres a link as well just in case you were interested


One thought on “MIND NUMBING

  1. I agree that aspartame should be avoided. It is becoming difficult though, because it is being added to so many foods. Yesterday I read that they might start putting it in milk. I can’t imagine why, but I was so put off by the idea that I didn’t read the details.

    Sometimes gum can cause tension headaches for those who have slight TMJ problems, especially if chewed for more than a few minutes.

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