Bottle Fresh


I’m often called upon by my ailing pals to prescribe treatments or as my recent friend said “give me your potions ” because i have whats described best by Mr Unhealth (AKA the boyfriend) as an “unhealthy obsession with health”.

so let it begin with juice:

Buzzword , fashionably L.A style craze .

i love it . I’ve recently purchased a Masticating juicer -sounds slightly erotic i know .

but whilst awaiting arrival of said juicing holy grail , i had to make do with trekking around London town on a hunt for the healthiest juices … to no avail

and then like a weary sailer , in the eerie black seas a beam of lighthouse-esque health store beckoned .

PLANET ORGANIC’s range off freshly pressed juices ..

words like wakey shaky , ABC juice (apple beetroot and carrot ) and the mouth watering salvation of SWEET GREENS , elicited an almost audible moan , and a very much visible drool .

at £2.99 for a small bottle , they’re definitely not cheap but they most certainly are delicious and quick , side note they discount them by 50p after lunch .. however they do start to taste slightly sour and as i learnt when i stowed them like a squirrel for winter in my fridge , they definitely don’t keep – a con of no preservatives alas .


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