BOOTCamp Pilates

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boot as in booty . as in good for the boot-eh .
recently i did a 30 day pilates challenge (self imposed) and i noticed a dramatic difference in my body i truly sing the praises of pilates having personally felt the benefits .
however embarking on BootCamp Pilates was a new challenge in itself , the studio located in Notting Hill boasts a vast celebrity clientele.
its less Day -Spa more actual bootcamp dorms inside , nothing flash . One Studio with a small reception .
the class began and it loomed on me i may have been in the wrong class, perhaps the receptionist had heard my cockiness through the phone and booked me into what looked like a rugby teams training session , more men than women – all glistening with tight bodied muscle lycra , i looked at one of the only other women in the room and expected a flash of mutual understanding and panicked when she swiftly looked away and stretched her ankle over her head . i lay back nauseus. holy pilates .
cut to an hour later and i was limping past waitrose bashfully pretending to tie up my shoelace (i was wearing shoeless boots) just to get some relief because i couldn’t clock a bench within limping distance .
my muscles ached . the next morning however my stomach looked more defined then it had 24hours prior , perhaps psychosomatic but it is definitely an extreme work out .
i will be going back . i will be brining my own fold out stools (the ones geriatrics use on golf courses) so i can have a pit stop before the long limp home .
they’re also relatively cheap ! which is unheard of when buzzwords like “boot camp” is utilised in the title .
oh just incise you want to see me sweat and wimpier through a class:

34 Porchester Road, Bayswater, London W2 6ES.

Directly next to Waitrose supermarket’s entrance.

Notting Hill’s telephone number is: 020 7034 0000.



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