Everyone is always touting the new “superfood”

And i love trying i will relentlessly search for chia seeds to purple kale until my legs ache.

So I picked up Bee Pollen as it had been the one I was most baffled by and therefore never tried .. initially I was like .. this is weird I’m eating little balls made by insects .

But i had a spoon and it was so delicious i stopped thinking about the logistics of it and just enjoyed chewing on its honey sweetness .
the hours that followed i felt so energised, and ive been likened to a sloth on many occasions so this was unusual.. i was buzzing (pun intended)

So heres the facts

-higher percentage of protein that meat, eggs, fish and dairy (basically more than anything ever)
-selenium- mineral used to slow down ageing and make skin glow (BEE-utiful)
-thyroid supporting amino acids
-glutamic acid – imperative for mental function
-remedy for eczema

the list is actually so long and the research vast . regardless its delicious bzzzzzzzzz

(avoid if you have allergies and hay fever sensitivities)


Bathroom Cabinet LOOK BOOK

One of my all time favourite websites does an amazing segment called REFRIGERATOR LOOK BOOK which i adore and you should look at it , there is some inherent instinct in us to NEED to look in other peoples fridges … 

So I thought where else do I like to look ?!

Aaaaaand I’m about to scare anyone I know who has kindly let me into their homes reading this … but i love looking through your bathroom cabinets … woops oh well .

So if only for some karma rebalance here is mine, which I’m annoying holier-than-thou about due to the fact I have purged all non-organic cosmetics and become chemical free.. don’t feel bad (but secretly I want you to ) 



WELEDA plant based toothpaste

CRYSTAL ESSENCE Pomegranate deodorant 




TRILOGY face care rose hip moisturiser

LOVEA argan oil, shampoo and conditioner (I love this brand)

HAAROL OIL (i found this in stockholm , its an Ayurveda sesame oil meant for hair but i cleanse my face with it too)



Obama agency rules Pepsi’s use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes ‘ordinary business operations’

(im really hoping i read this wrong) Image


The Forgotten Fruits And Veg Of Juicing

The Forgotten Fruits And Veg Of Juicing

Most of us add the same veg and fruit to our juice ..


blah blah blah the list is always the same

if you juice everyday the same things you’re not adding any new nutrients to your diet whatsoever.

Your body begins to eliminate vitamins and minerals because they’re exactly the same as the ones you have been consuming daily and thus doesn’t require them .

however you may be lacking in other great nutrients from not so popular produce… so like the forgotten loser at the Oscars these guys deserve a little screen time ..

PAPAYA -detoxing, vit B&C , Papain (digestive enzyme) and its anti-inflammatory

POMEGRANATE-three times more antioxidants than green tea! Vit A&E

PLUMchlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid (anti cancer) and its a mild laxative (don’t drink and dash with this one)

TOMATO:K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous and free radicals .. its a good-un

LETTUCE:Riboflavin ( for energy and a natural migraine cure , which actually works ) , Niacin( processing fat in the body) low in calorie

yay juicy goosey xxx

THESE are A few of MY favourite THINGS .. la la la la la

paw paw ointment

ImageNatures own 8 hour cream . literally can be used on anything , from sunburns to splinters and eczema and generally as lip balm .. Aussies have lived by this for years .. everyone has it in there handbag , sports bag and first aid kit . its the best , and fun and gooey and doesnt have a strong scent . Its PERFECTION , and 1 single ingredient , fermented paw paws (papaya fruits ) 

Vitamin B12: 


a lot of people assume that B12 comes from animal products (meat,fish , eggs etc) and it does technically , but this is actually a second hand remainder of b12 that the animal naturally derives from the soil (the same place we use to get it !) however obviously we cant anymore because we need to wash fruit and veg because of pesticides and chemicals . There are a lot of people advocating that EVERYONE should take B12 vitamins and campaigning governments to provide it as a health care service . Vegans and Vegetarians need the supplement and the meat eaters although getting some from poultry and dairy its never in its most organic form . B12 is the vitamin responsible for making DNA (just a little important ) keeps the nerves and cells healthy and helps your body use its energy to full capacity . 




i discovered this one exhausted day at a health food store when i clung to the pharmacist and begged him to help me because i was simply mind numbingly tired and stressed . its an Adaptogen (Adaptogens are herbs that appear to increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress and changing situations) and id tried Ginseng and caffeine and green tea (EVERYTHING) but i really honest to the PawPaw Gods felt so much better after taking this in the morning before breakfast . it gives you some energy as well . 




Silicia supplements are used for the health of  hair , skin and nails. 

i spent a lifetime with split ends, which i secretly loved playing with , but my hair would cease to grow longer than a certain point and would become dry and sad . Silica works with the collagen formation which is directly responsible for the building blocks of  hair , nails and the skin 

Vitamin D3 



Vitamin D is one of the most deficient vitamins in the world! it comes from the sun , but we don’t spend enough time in the sun … or if you’re in london like me you literally get all of 5 seconds of sunlight all year-great for vampires

so vit D makes the body absorb calcium and phosphate thus resulting in healthy bones , so drink some sunlight . or become cripply rickety vampires . 




after months and months of mind splitting headaches i came to the conclusion i must have some strange food allergy .. to everything .. so i decided to do a removal and reintroduction test with everything i consume or put on myself (perfume etc) and concluded it must be the GUM! i was chewing all day… then the pieces came together , i use to get the same headache and face swelling when i was out and had a drink (my drink of choice was always diet coke and vodka) .. ASPARTAME and SORBITOL are the two ingredients in common with diet drinks and chewing gum .. they’re artificial sweeteners , and after a little research ive come to find that its actually a very common allergy or intolerance to have and very frustrating as you dont tend to believe you can be allergic to gum . anyway if any one else is getting massive migraines try eliminating these sweeteners . heres a link as well just in case you were interested

Bottle Fresh


I’m often called upon by my ailing pals to prescribe treatments or as my recent friend said “give me your potions ” because i have whats described best by Mr Unhealth (AKA the boyfriend) as an “unhealthy obsession with health”.

so let it begin with juice:

Buzzword , fashionably L.A style craze .

i love it . I’ve recently purchased a Masticating juicer -sounds slightly erotic i know .

but whilst awaiting arrival of said juicing holy grail , i had to make do with trekking around London town on a hunt for the healthiest juices … to no avail

and then like a weary sailer , in the eerie black seas a beam of lighthouse-esque health store beckoned .

PLANET ORGANIC’s range off freshly pressed juices ..

words like wakey shaky , ABC juice (apple beetroot and carrot ) and the mouth watering salvation of SWEET GREENS , elicited an almost audible moan , and a very much visible drool .

at £2.99 for a small bottle , they’re definitely not cheap but they most certainly are delicious and quick , side note they discount them by 50p after lunch .. however they do start to taste slightly sour and as i learnt when i stowed them like a squirrel for winter in my fridge , they definitely don’t keep – a con of no preservatives alas .

BOOTCamp Pilates

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 17.04.47
boot as in booty . as in good for the boot-eh .
recently i did a 30 day pilates challenge (self imposed) and i noticed a dramatic difference in my body i truly sing the praises of pilates having personally felt the benefits .
however embarking on BootCamp Pilates was a new challenge in itself , the studio located in Notting Hill boasts a vast celebrity clientele.
its less Day -Spa more actual bootcamp dorms inside , nothing flash . One Studio with a small reception .
the class began and it loomed on me i may have been in the wrong class, perhaps the receptionist had heard my cockiness through the phone and booked me into what looked like a rugby teams training session , more men than women – all glistening with tight bodied muscle lycra , i looked at one of the only other women in the room and expected a flash of mutual understanding and panicked when she swiftly looked away and stretched her ankle over her head . i lay back nauseus. holy pilates .
cut to an hour later and i was limping past waitrose bashfully pretending to tie up my shoelace (i was wearing shoeless boots) just to get some relief because i couldn’t clock a bench within limping distance .
my muscles ached . the next morning however my stomach looked more defined then it had 24hours prior , perhaps psychosomatic but it is definitely an extreme work out .
i will be going back . i will be brining my own fold out stools (the ones geriatrics use on golf courses) so i can have a pit stop before the long limp home .
they’re also relatively cheap ! which is unheard of when buzzwords like “boot camp” is utilised in the title .
oh just incise you want to see me sweat and wimpier through a class:

34 Porchester Road, Bayswater, London W2 6ES.

Directly next to Waitrose supermarket’s entrance.

Notting Hill’s telephone number is: 020 7034 0000.